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By and large Federally mandated promotion orders don’t work. The most famous “Got Milk” campaign which was going strong ten years ago was in fact a failure. Regardless of the costly decade long campaign milk consumption continued to decline steadily from 0.96 cups per person in 1970 to 0.59 cups in 2011.

Marketing has changed dramatically over the last ten years. Mass marketing is on the decline while niche marketing is on the rise. Fewer young people watch TV, read newspapers, listen to the radio or read printed magazines. Instead they spend more time on social media. This creates opportunities for companies, including florists, selling niche products who can in turn niche market them. This doesn’t take a lot of money. In fact it can be done for nearly free. And by all means it doesn’t require a government mandated tax on the industry. Please, don’t try to resurrect a stale, outdated burden on the flower industry. newsletter offers a unique perspective on floral news. Interviews with the people that make the floral industry work.

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