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    186 days left until the opening of Expo Flor Ecuador 2018

    Ecuador has around 600 varieties of flowers. At Expo Flor Ecuador, our guests will be able to meet 80 flower producers with years of experience and meet 13 international breeders and get to know the latest varieties of the highest quality Ecuadorian flowers and roses. Due to the altitude of the Ecuadorian highlands and the geographical location of our country, Expo Flor Ecuador 2018 will present unique varieties worldwide, which can only be found in this international event. Additionally, this event will present freight forwarders, airlines, suppliers, and Brokers. Please check the list of participants here.

    From September 19th to the 21st of this year, Ecuador will present unique flowers and roses, which are only grown in this country, all of which go through rigorous certification processes and sustainable practices, demonstrating environmental and social responsibility. Expo Flor Ecuador 2018 has 80 flower growers, which will showcase for us the wonders of Ecuadorian floriculture. Visitors will appreciate our utmost care for quality, so that these products can travel around the world and convey sentiments and emotions in their final destinations.

    This International Flower Trade Show is complemented by exhibitors that comprise the entire value chain, so that each visitor’s experience is unique and complete. Expo Flor Ecuador 2018 consolidates all the relevant actors of the floriculture activity in a single space, so that both exhibitors and visitors can take this opportunity to do business.
    Everyone will be gathered in the Metropolitan Convention Center, in the Bicentennial Park of Quito. This will be the largest and most comprehensive International Flower Trade Show in Ecuador: only at Expo Flor Ecuador 2018, ready and created just for you.
    We are waiting to greet you at the Expo Flor Ecuador 2018 fair, from September 19th to the 21st. Register now on our website: http://www.florecuador.com. Come and enjoy this breathtaking event, and be amazed by the wonders of Ecuador.

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