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    Greetings to all:

    I have seen many of the images from Holland where they are dumping tons of flowers that were not sold at the auctions.

    I refuse to show them here and prefer to think we need to stay positive. Dumping flowers means there are good ones on the way.

    Of course they are, or will soon be, also dumping flowers in Colombia, Ecuador California and Africa due to limited demand. 

    Regarding South America the flights are still arriving with flowers as these were in the pipeline as of Friday the 13th. Trucking companies are open and taking what shows up and will continue to deliver. Since NYC, NJ and Conn. have an 8 pm curfew, getting into the city with big trucks is not possible in the daylight hours.

    Next week should be a better indicator of things to come, as the sand in the gears of industry, continue to grind everything to a halt. 

    I have seen a growing number of wholesalers indicate that they will close till further notice. All are trying to work with the clients to minimize or mitigate cancellations.  Please send me a copy of your letter to customers so I can share them with others.

    Here are a few I just received.

    Right now, we are planning on reducing hours on our hourly staff, but not laying anyone off. Essentially, giving them an extra day off during the week and pausing our weekend/Saturday delivery schedule. If it continues to decline, the next step will be reducing the number of daily delivery routes or the number of shops we cover (some of our routes go out about 100 miles). So far, we have not canceled any standing orders with vendors, but most of ours are product that can easily be adapted to daily inventory.

    Halls Wholesale.

    Houston, Texas- Greenleaf Wholesale Florist, Flower Growers and Four Brothers Farms announces that all US Branch locations will cease operations effective March 21st. 

    Given the state of our nation as it continues to fight the Corona Virus, and the continued closing of businesses, events, and all social gatherings within our markets, we will be ceasing operations until such time that we can return without health concerns for our employees and customers.  All of our attention is doing our part as responsible humans and working to help reduce the consequences from spreading this terrible disease and using resources necessary for a rapid recovery.  All vendors, suppliers and partners are directed to cease all shipments to all Greenleaf locations until further notice. 

    We will maintain a limited number of management personnel at our corporate headquarters and managers of each branch will be available via their cell phone and company email addresses.  

    All of our thoughts, prayers and well wishes are with all of humanity during this global crisis.  We are committed to returning stronger than ever before just as soon as it is safe. We look forward to sharing with the world all of the beauty and benefits that the flowers we grow and distribute have to offer. 

    Rob Spikol; President / CEO

    The outlook is not good but I will try my best to keep you informed Stay safe.

    Good luck to all.

    Williee Armellini


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