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    It’s been a tumultuous time for everyone, and the personal worrying and anxiety has been something that has replaced complacency. Introspection has replaced confidence and for me, it has been a time of reflection, of taking stock of successes and mistakes.

    This virus, and the cut in hours that many of us have suffered, has served to teach that the sometimes pettiness of life is just that – things that mattered no longer do, and things and people that were taken for granted, no longer are.

    What this break has also taught me is that we really do a fine job – a really fine job. I have to pay tribute to those people within my company that have been on the front lines; keeping vases full, keeping orders going out, and raising the morale of hundreds of (otherwise lonely or low) individuals – our recipients. It continues to be a ‘risky’ business, as we deliver pieces to those whose health we know nothing about. Social distancing can only alleviate so much. Masks, sanitizer (remember that?), and hand-washing can all be accomplished and mandates and advice followed. However, for all of that, florists have remained ‘front-line’ workers and have brightened these austere days.

    Moreover, I have come to realize that I miss the ‘fun’ and beauty of the industry. Memories of ‘head-turning’ designs, of the wonders of a wedding design or the classical compilation of a celebration or event that have caused me to stop, and in my mind, just think ‘Wow, we did that.’ In our small way, we change the melancholic to the merry, the somber to the sincere tributes and the routines of work into the richness of a ‘thank you’ in flowers.

    This too shall pass. Due to travel restrictions, this year, I am unable to travel to my second home, which is Piccolo’s Florist in Omaha, for Mother’s Day, and although I want to say, “Damn this virus”, it’s a blessing that a Mother’s Day will happen for the store. Let me go on the record, and say that I expect one of the best Mother’s Day ever, as pent-up emotions are released and demand follows. I think phones will ring and web sites will print orders as never before as people want to share their love for Mom in one of the oldest and most wonderful of ways; with flowers.

    Through this, and using my boss’ Brian McCarthy’s mantra, may this be a case of “Adversity into Advantage”, I hope that everyone has a record-setting holiday. The country and the people need something to lift us from this mire, and Mother’s Day may just be it.

    From the team at Family Flowers, and the McCarthy Group of Florists, I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday.</div>

    The McCarthy Group, Alpharetta, GA



    Great post thanks

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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