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    AGRIFLOR in Ecuador heading for first annual edition

    Quito, Friday August 30. In exactly one month, the international flower trade exhibition AGRIFLOR will open its doors for the first time as an annual trade show. With a total of around 75 flower growers, international buyers are invited to meet with mainly Ecuadorian non associated flower growers & exporters. Buyers will be able to source various kinds of cut flowers from Ecuador from growers they haven’t met before, as many of them are exhibiting for the first time to export direct instead of going through brokers or other farms.

    It is looking bright and organizer HPP Ecuador Cia. Ltd., a daughter company of HPP Worldwide and based in Holland, is optimistic about the results for both exhibitors and visitors of this now yearly trade event. The combination for international attendees to travel to two international trade fairs of the same kind, makes their trip to South America not only more worthwhile by being able to source flowers from 2 very important flower producing countries, but as well more efficient in cost and time.

    The fact that the trade show in Quito will be held from Monday to Wednesday and the trade show in Colombia from Wednesday to Friday, and thus no disturbing overlap, makes it an ideal opportunity to combine the 2 shows in 1 trip. Also the distance between the two cities where both shows are being held, i.e. Quito and Bogota, is short and therefore cause no or barely extra travel time.

    “At last the trade exhibition has become annual”, says Dick van Raamsdonk of HPP. ”It was my plan to make it an annual event since a long time and I am happy that we now have finally taken the step to do it every year. It should have been done already a long time ago, as the size and importance of the Ecuadorian flower industry not only deserves but requires a trade promotion moment at least every year. Not having done this has unnecessarily delayed the growth of the industry that it could have had, in my opinion”.

    AGRIFLOR 2019 will be opening on Monday September 30 at 10:00 am in the morning. There will be no opening ceremony, the doors will just open in order to let international buyers have maximum time to source cut flowers and meet with flower growers they didn’t know existed!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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