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    Friday 8/30/19 11AM update

    Dear Shippers and Customers:
    We are closely monitoring Hurricane Dorian weather reports and taking the necessary
    steps to prepare. As we continue to track its projected path towards Florida we will
    be issuing updates periodically.

    Current schedule changes:
    Sunday 9/1/19 – All Terminals closed
    Monday 9/2/19 – All Terminals closed
    Tuesday 9/3/19 – All Terminals closed

    In the event Hurricane Dorian impacts our communities and terminal locations, we will
    make changes to accomodate. We will be sending out additional notices when
    possible via email and posting to our website as things
    develop and unfold.
    All schedules are subject to change as the storm progresses. As always the
    safety of our employees and their families is our priority. We hope if you or your
    family are within the path of the storm you are taking all precautions.

    Be safe.
    Armellini Logistics

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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