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    A group of leading cut flower wholesalers, retailers, and bouquet companies gathered in Miami, FL, in mid-March to discuss the future of the cut flower industry. The private six-day event, hosted by Danziger “Dan” Flower Farm, focused on innovation and the end consumer.

    “The development of cut flowers consumption will be driven by global supply and demand changes,” says Gaby Danziger, Danziger CEO. “Companies along the value chain, from growers to wholesalers and retailers, need to be open to global mega-trends. The companies that are agile to react and brave enough to try new crops and new varieties will be the big winners of our industry over the next 10 years.”

    The Innovation Session was led by the Danziger team, composed of sales and marketing professionals from Israel, Colombia, and Ecuador. The team discussed the global perspective, insights, and best practices currently taking place in the market. They also spurred discussion on future change.

    “We see how the globalization of the industry pushes its development,” Danziger says. “The traditional link between growing markets and consuming markets is dissolving, and a new, complex matrix has evolved. We understand that it’s our job as global breeders to offer our customers and partners not only the best genetics and plant materials, but also inspiration and tools, which will improve the quality of the value proposition throughout the chain.”

    The presentation was a combination of mega-trends, best practices arising from developed markets such as the Netherlands and the United Kingdom, and an introduction of new tools and inspirations. The team also launched a new, first-of-its-kind Gyp catalog. The catalog is designed to fit the tastes and norms of the U.S., focusing on seasonal needs and price points the U.S. market is looking for.

    “We spend a lot of time and effort to be in direct communication with the consumer markets, in order to be in a position to have the best understanding of the market needs, and to be able to predict the future trends — especially the ones we need to answer with our products,” says Liat Kaplan, Danziger Global Marketing Manager. “By taking many ‘shop-safaries,’ interviewing, and conducting opportunities for feedback, like this Innovation Session in Miami, we are able to share information, inspire people’s imagination, and take an active part in the development of our global industry.”

    The innovation session was organized under a consumer experience framework. This is a unique perspective for breeders who are the first link in the value chain, far away from the end consumer.

    “Even though we do not sell to the end consumer, everything we do, or not do, ends up there. So, whenever we think of which initiatives should be pursued, and which discarded, we have to bear the consumers in mind,” says Kaplan.

    Danziger is planning more Innovation Sessions in the different markets the company serves.

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