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    As you heard, last Wednesday Andy Koch made a decision to close Eufloria Flowers.  We did have some changes to that decision the following days Thursday and Friday of which I have shared our announcement below that went out last Friday.  Obviously, I wish the first notice had been different but I guess the good news for us is that we are still trying to fight this terrible situation we are all in without completely throwing in the towel.  Please let me know if you have any further questions or suggestions on survival.  All the best!

    1st Notice Wednesday 3/18/20

    To Our Valued Customers & Floral Industry Partners!

    It is with a very heavy heart that I write this email to notify all of you that our owner Andreas (Andy) Koch has decided to permanently close Eufloria Flowers effective today 3/18/2020. 

    The Coronavirus has dramatically affected our business to the point that we are unable to weather this horrible crisis that we are all experiencing.  I will be staying on staff through the closure of the company.

    I would like to personally thank each and every one of you that I have been able to serve and develop friendships with over the last 22 years while here at Koch Mesa Nursery Inc. and Eufloria Flowers.  This has truly been the best ride of my life.

    As far as the orders that were in our system for this week, I can ship them all as planned if needed.  I will be contacting those that have an order to see how you would like to handle this.

    From the bottom of our hearts, we can’t thank you enough for the support you have provided our company over all these years.  We wish you all much success in the future and please stay safe and healthy through the crisis we are in.

    If you need to reach me, you can contact the office number at 866-929-4683 or my cell phone 805-310-1067.

    2nd Notice Friday 3/20/20

    To Our Valued Customers & Floral Industry Partners! 

    The last 48 hours have been extremely emotional and stressful for our company and coworkers.  Everyone from around the world is suffering from this horrible situation.  I wanted to provide you all with an update and some potential hope for our company.

    After announcing our permanent closure on Wednesday, we have received an amazing out pour of support from around the world from fellow growers, customers, friends etc.  This support has been very heart warming and uplifting and provided the encouragement we needed to try work through these extreme challenges.  Andy Koch and our management team have decided to do all we can to protect our investment of rose plants and keep them alive until this crisis ends.  We know it is going to end, but we just do not know when and what the industry will look like afterwards.  The one thing we do know, is that we are all in this together and are here to support one another.

    Our message to you, our customers, friends and industry partners is this, we have currently suspended all operations until further notice.  However, we are going to fight for our company as long as we can! 

    Hopefully, one day we can again supply you with “The Prettiest Roses On The Planet”  as J.Schwanke says.

    I can be reached on my cell phone if you would like to talk or discuss the current situation or to lift each other up.  I will also be in my office and can be reached at 805-931-7337.

    Thank you all for your support and understanding as we try to navigate through this one day at a time.

    We hope that you and your families will all remain safe and healthy.

    Kind Regards,

    Chad W. Nelson

    Sales Manager

    Eufloria Flowers


    Phone: 866.929.4683 Toll Free (U.S.)

    Phone: 805.929.4683 Outside (U.S.)

    Fax: 805.929.1843

    Cell: 805.310.1067

    Skype: Eufloria1






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