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    This is a bit off the floral talk that happens here on Since we are all in this pandemic together I thought it appropriate to share a personal covid story.

    First of all, my wife and I both are covid negative but had been trying to get our vaccinations asap. This was a challenge. We signed up on the Orange County (FLA) website and trust that our names are registered in a queue. However after two weeks no callback and we knew we had to get more involved in the process.

    We had friends coming to Orlando from other counties to get shots and still we could not seem to secure some of that magic stuff in a vile. Others suggested we start looking at the Publix supermarket website. After a few hours of trying to figure out how to get to the correct page we found it and began to understand the appointment game. Friends had suggested opening multiple browser windows on our computers and cell phones all logged into the same website.

    This techno onslaught was supposed to improve our chances of getting an appointment and this is where the fishing analogy comes in. 7am sitting at the kitchen counter coffee at the ready and all devises tuned in. Now you have to wait until the little button that says “book now” lights up . So you wait to get a bite on one of your lines however, most devises dim or go dark after about 30 seconds so you need to keep touching them, sort of like checking your bait.

    For several days we tried this method and one time we actually got the green light, a bite, and proceeded to try and snag an appointment before they were all gone which was result this time.

    On this Monday we managed to get an opening and a subsequent appointment for the Modera vaccine this Friday, but only for me. We were happy for this small victory and felt relieved that progress was made.

    An hour later I had to run an errand so I left the house and as I looked around the corner I saw some activity, and what do you know, a sign saying free J&J vaccinations today. Bingo, I turned around grabbed the wife and said, Babe we need to walk across the street and get our shots! And that is what we did, so in the end the fishing trip was a success.


    Williee Armellini

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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