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    From time to time we need to get out of town when there are no flowers expositions involved. As many of you know my wife and I rescue dogs and therefore have too many.  As foster parents many dogs have come and gone over the last 10+ years of dogs and I rarely get attached to them before they hopefully move on to more permanent fur-ever homes.

    But then Junior and Sassy showed up about 12 months ago. They were brother and sister and both pulled out of the local animal shelter here in Miami (not a good place for dogs to end up).  Sassy had two different colored eyes and Junior was totally blind from birth. Sassy got adopted after 9 months but junior is still here.

    This dog loves me and I him. I have earned his trust and he now wakes me up each morning and sits with me as he waits for his food. When we first got them Junior would not walk on a leash and would plop down, like a stubborn mule, the moment you put a leash on. After a few months however, through small walks, he now waits at the door for me twice a day and more or less walks me around the block.

    Junior’s senses are so keen that he maps everything in his head and despite the occasional crash, he does everything the other dogs do and more

    But alas Junior has found a home and this calls for a road trip. The only challenge is that Juniors new home is in Wisconsin and since he would not do well flying we are going to drive him there…..in the winter.  There will surely be a trail of tears as we leave him with his new family (a very large horse ranch) but it the best for him. To make the best of this, on the return trip we intend to stop in every blues bar we can find between Nashville and Clarksdale Miss. 

    My harmonicas have been itching to get there. So away we go, see you soon, thanks for following flowersandcents.com


    Williee, Gabi and Junior



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