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    Galleria Farms:

    Founded in 2000, Galleria Farms is a leading grower, importer and distributor of premium fresh-cut flowers. Galleria Farms grows roses, chrysanthemums and world-renowned hydrangeas on over 120 hectares in Colombia.

    By taking pride in every product detail, from seed selection and strict grading metrics to innovative packaging, a team of over 2000 employees is passionately committed to consistency and excellent quality. Galleria Farms services all segments of the floral industry, including major supermarkets, mass market retailers, bouquet manufacturers and wholesale florists. Galleria Farms guarantees its products are thoughtfully crafted to create emotions.


    AgroCheck members receive entrance to the ‘Warning List’, where you can find bad debtors immediately. This list is compiled with the help of all our members. AgroCheck members have the opportunity to log doubtful debtors, thereby preventing other members to do business with these bad debtors. This way all members help to create an up to date warning list and prevent people with bad intentions to enter this market. All information supplied by our members is screened thoroughly by our team and has to be accompanied with written proof before it is published on our website. We advise not to do any business with companies mentioned on our warning list.

    If a company is not, or not completely known in the database, we will do some research! Several of our members ask for up-to-date credit reports weekly or even daily. Indeed, some only supply new customers regarding our advice.

    You will also receive a one or more newsletters each month containing the most notable current affairs and tips to avoid doubtful accounts

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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