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    As events around the globe continue to unfold, it is time for our industry to pause. Not only for the sake of the industry itself, but for the health and safety of our fellow human beings.

    Some of us in the United States do not quite realize just how this crisis has escalated in the countries that we depend on for our flowers. So many people in other countries, that are less fortunate than us, are paying the price because some in our industry have not yet taken a step back.

    We will be back, when the time is right and the world is a safer place. Our company will not only be different, but also stronger than ever and it is all because we are willing to change, adapt, and stand still for a brief moment while our world heals. We truly cannot be more excited about the future, but first, we wait.

    Right now, most important to me, most important to our company, and most important for humanity is to allow this devastating disease to pass and our health care heroes to help us all heal.

    What the world needs now is love and compassion. All of the flowers we grow in the future will help humanity reconnect to nature and share in the realization that world is beautiful when we work together.


    Rob Spikol
    President & CEO
    Greenleaf Flower Growers and Distributors
    Four Brothers Farms

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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