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    Nairobi, Monday May 22. The number of pre-registered visitors for the upcoming international flower trade exhibition IFTEX is increasing rapidly. Online pre registrations up to now show an increase of 53% compared to last year with especially many international flower buyers among them, having signed up to attend the coming trade fair in Kenya. But it is not only the number of visitors that has grown, also the number of flower trade companies that apparently plans to attend is 25% up compared to last year.

    “There is a clear structural change going on in the international flower industry. The trade is changing as a result of a combination of reasons. Increased demand for flowers following a growing need for fresh cut flowers in existing and new markets, increased intercontinental air-way connections, new concepts of logistical distribution channels, and strong improved quality of African grown flowers causing more competition for products from traditional flower producing countries, have shaken up the supply routes and distribution channels worldwide”, says Dick van Raamsdonk of HPP who organizes the annual flower trade fair in Kenya. “And to give you one more other example, Iran, a country with 80,000,000 inhabitants and currently developing its horticulture industry strongly, not only for their home market, but also for exports to neighboring countries. I predict that Iran will become an important future supplier of roses for the Russian market. Mark my words!”.

    It looks like the coming edition of IFTEX will be an interesting one, where not only many buyers can be expected, but especially buyers from new markets.

    End of press release

    For more information: http://www.iftex.org

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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