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    Jairo Cadavid
    Association of Colombian Nurseries and Ornamental Growers

    A new Ornamental Trade Association in Colombia
    Jairo Cadavid, who was in charge of the Colombian flower industry international agenda over the last 10 years, has been appointed as President of the new Association of Colombian Nurseries and Ornamental Growers, Colviveros, an agricultural trade association founded to stimulate and promote the competitiveness and sustainability of nearly 5.000 Nurseries and Small Ornamental-Foliage and Potted-Plant Growers of Colombia.

    Colviveros is an association made up of individuals and corporations from different regions of Colombia dedicated to Nurseries and the cultivation, production, logistics, domestic marketing and export of Ornamental Foliage and Potted Plants, and was created to represent the sector during participation in public policy, domestic plans and projects in the pursuit of sustainability, competitiveness and promotion.

    The new trade association was founded by a group of nursery owners, and small ornamental-foliage, potted-plant and exotic flower growers, who saw associative interaction as an opportunity to drive small ornamental-foliage and potted-plant production and meet the domestic demand, including larger Colombian exporters of flowers and bouquets. It was also viewed as an in-road to carving their own path toward stimulating both domestic nurseries and the export of new ornamental foliage, potted plants and exotic flowers overseas.

    Colviveros will also stimulate the positive effect plant and flowers have on people and their settings. Nursery and Small Ornamental-Foliage and Plants Production can also generate added value for both urban and rural settings by enhancing any population’s environment and real-estate value through greenery and potted plants.

    What about the peace process in Colombia?
    The Referendum to back the peace agreement reached by the Colombian government and FARC does not receive the support from the Colombian people. We need to look for different approaches to build a more equal society. Nursery and Ornamental-foliage Sector is an alternative source of income at the Colombian country side. Colviveros believes in its potential to generate wealth through honest committed work by particularly supporting Nurseries and Small Ornamental-foliage and Potted-plant Growers. This belief allows it to reach the out-flung corners of Colombia – even Conflict Zones. Colviveros has set itself up to serve as a strategic ally to end Colombia’s internal conflict, and ornamental foliage, potted plants and flowers can be produced in any territory in Colombia.

    For more information:
    E-mail: presidencia@colviveros.org

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