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    I read your recent Flowers and cents? It should be of no surprise that the industry is not capitalizing on Thanksgiving. The solution is quite simple-Marketing. Ours is the only major commodity that has given up on marketing. Consumers’ money is sought by many and we do nothing to even protect what we have had. We need to implement the promotion order that was written, and approved by the majority of the industry, ten years ago.

    Your piece shows two factors affecting moving forward with a promotion order. First, a decline in the market. The reason for the decline in this previously profitable holiday is simple, no marketing. The second shows there should be a willingness on the part of Colombians to support an order since they are on firmer financial footing than when it was first proposed. We have been waiting a long time for an opportunity to put the plan in place. We should act now. It is now a time to gather the political support within the industry. We had almost the entire industry behind the order that has been written and now we could make it unanimous.

    The shame is that the industry relies on retailing to move the product. Many retailers are doing very well by investing a lot in marketing. However, most do not. The heavy lifting of generating new flower buyers should be funded by the product through the chain to the consumer. This is what the promotion order provides.


    By and large Federally mandated promotion orders don’t work. The most famous “Got Milk” campaign which was going strong ten years ago was in fact a failure. Regardless of the costly decade long campaign milk consumption continued to decline steadily from 0.96 cups per person in 1970 to 0.59 cups in 2011.

    Marketing has changed dramatically over the last ten years. Mass marketing is on the decline while niche marketing is on the rise. Fewer young people watch TV, read newspapers, listen to the radio or read printed magazines. Instead they spend more time on social media. This creates opportunities for companies, including florists, selling niche products who can in turn niche market them. This doesn’t take a lot of money. In fact it can be done for nearly free. And by all means it doesn’t require a government mandated tax on the industry. Please, don’t try to resurrect a stale, outdated burden on the flower industry.


    I was hoping that this topic might bring you out of hiding. My guess is that you did lots of promotion for Thanksgiving and did better than most?

    Thanks for posting


    We had a good Thanksgiving with moderate growth in sales, technically our best Thanksgiving ever. We basically spend no money on advertising. Instead we try to wow our customers with our product. We do have a large email following that we market to heavily and a very successful website.

    Florists need to continually reinvent themselves. They need to start showing passion for their products and customers. Then good things will start to happen.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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