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    Medical marijuana company buys a Westbrook Greenhouse for $7.3M
    Automated Dutch tray system perfect for growing pot, says CEO of Up Cannabis Inc.

    Jay Wilgar has great hopes for growing pot in one of Westbrook’s former orchid-growing greenhouses in Beamsville, and said the set up is just perfect for what he and his company plans to do.

    The CEO of Up Cannabis Inc. has been growing plants indoors in a smaller Brantford location — and now, with the sunny outlook for the medical marijuana industry, he’s looking to scale up.

    “For a whole lot of reasons, it’s ideal for what we want to do,” said Wilgar, who expects to produce 14,000 kilograms of pot annually in the 203,000 sq. ft facility. “Westbrook has obviously got a fantastic name in the greenhouse business, so that was one of the deciding factors.”

    Westbrook’s automated Dutch tray system directly fits with their growing needs, and he said it will reduce labour costs for the company.

    Up Cannabis Inc., a subsidiary of Newstrike Resources Ltd., is expected to employ approximately 100 staff for the facility. Wilgar takes note of the fact that the greenhouse is located in an area where there are a number of skilled greenhouse workers nearby.

    When asked if he will be looking to employ former Westbrook employees laid off in recent months, Wilgar said, “Sure, absolutely.”

    “It’s very extensive what we’re doing here,” he said. “It’s significant potential employment for the area.”

    He said the facility has already got site-plan approval from the Town of Lincoln to increase in size.

    “What we need to do at that site is add in the proper security,” said Wilgar. In order to adhere to Health Canada’s tight security regulations for marijuana production, they will have to install hundreds of cameras, a laser detection system, a vault to hold the finished product and more.


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