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    Quito, Monday September 30. The first day of Agriflor 2019 started off great. The exhibit hall looked marvelous with an abundant number of flowers nicely decorated in and around the booths of the 70+ mostly non associated Ecuadorian flower growers exhibiting for the first time. The number of international flower buyers, that flew to Ecuador to attend AGRIFLOR, was unexpectedly high on this first day. Buyers registered from Holland, Portugal, Germany, USA, Russia, Italy, France, Belarus, Chile, Brasil, UK, Canada, Belgium, Spain and various other countries.


    Besides the change from being a biennial trade show to become an annual event, also the exhibitor profile was extended. Focusing as well on smaller non affiliated flower growers of Ecuador wishing and ready to start exporting directly, the exhibition has put itself in a strong growth mode. As a result various other types of flowers, besides roses, were to be seen today at the show. Flowers such as liliums, hydrangeas, sunflowers, Limonium and several other types of summer flowers as well as tropical flowers, green plants and foliage, are displayed in big numbers, something that was hardly to be seen in former editions of Agriflor.

    Day 2

    Hi. We just closed the doors of the second day. It was again a great day. Actually the same pattern as yesterday, after 3 the hall ran full of buyers again. Exhibiting growers are really excited about the contacts and business they did today and yesterday. It was weird to hear, but quite a few int’l buyers told us they came to South America for The Ecuador show and won’t go to Colombia.


    Quito, Wednesday October 2. International buyers were really impressed what they have been seeing in the past 2 days at the yearly flower trade fair Agriflor .

    They had no idea about Ecuador having so many growers they didn’t know existed. The 70 some exhibiting flower growers were merely new to them. 

    But what maybe has been an even bigger surprise was the great variety of flowers buyers saw on display, besides the traditional great roses Ecuador has been producing already for decades. The enormous variety of other cut flowers offered was the talk of the show. 

    It can be concluded already that Agriflor 2019 has become a great success, while still running! And organizer HPP is preparing itself in the meanwhile for its next year’s 2020 edition.


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