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  • #18847 will be attending this fun show and hope to see you there. If you are unable to attend then stay tuned to and I will do my best to bring the show to you.

    Hot news!

    Just learned the Mueller Bros. of Newark, N.J. is closed. As well we just learned that The Roy Houff Co. is closing all stores as of this Wednesday.

    In other news, the cargo airlines have taken notice of the recent trend toward sea freight for moving flowers. I suspect that this is, for the most part, good news to them. While they will miss out on some revenue they might not have to send empty planes to cover the flowers needing to be exported during holidays.
    There just might be enough flowers traveling by sea to take the pressure off the airlines and make all logistics more efficient.
    Bouquet Companies. The bouquet business appears to be alive and well and they are getting bigger and bigger. Here in Miami the companies that appear to be growing fast are those involved in the mass market.
    Just learned the Mueller Bros. of Newark, N.J. is closing. As well we hear that most vendors and truckers have cut off the Roy Houff Co.


    Have a great week. See you soon.


    Williee Armellini
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