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    Here is how one importer summed it up;

    “Flower business is in a record breaking tear since June.   It’s one of the lucky industries that are thriving during the pandemic,  Demand is up in all sectors, Supermarkets, Online shippers, Wholesale/Retail.

    Most surprising segment is the retailers.   They are having one of the best years ever.

    Importers can’t get enough supplies, Fall season, Thanksgiving, Christmas were all above previous years.

    Farms have struggled with Covid back in March-April-May, but they are have gotten better.  However, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru are all in major lockdown, and it’s not easy running farms in those conditions.

    Airlines will have the biggest challenges this V-day.  Freight cost, especially chartered flights will cost significantly higher than ever.  Flower cargo is competing with much needed vaccine deliveries, online shopping, huge cargo demand from Asia.

    Let’s see how the weather holds up in North East and Central.   But, it’s won’t matter much, most of the people are still working from home, Sunday holiday, restaurants are mostly closed. So flowers are good bet.”


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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