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    This Valentine’s Day is shaping up to be a very good one for the flower world, if high prices are good for your segment.
    “Tight”, seems to be the best word to describe it.
    By all reports the market is tight due to high demand and a tight supply. Many farms in South America and California are reporting very strong bookings and many are sold out of high demand products already.
    The weather in South America has not been favorable for production so flowers are being harvested as fast as they become ready. The next challenge is to get them shipped and the logistics are:
    You guessed it “tight”.
    Record high prices are reported on the Dutch auctions which is putting more pressure on products from South America.
    One very interesting report indicated that bookings from the big US cities are down compared to years past but orders from more rural areas are higher. This suggests that people are staying home and avoiding the large cities.
    Affects of the pandemic and the desire for bright colors and comforting fresh products are driving demand..

    Good luck,

    Williee Armellini

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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