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    How to Be A Master Builder for the Master Race of PCs

    Building a computer can sound like a daunting task. Maybe you’re not great at figuring out the Wi-Fi, but you know when it’s not working at its best. Perhaps you know you need more room on your hard drive but don’t know how much to get. What are specs, anyway? Do you need a graphics card? There are a lot of questions and here we will discuss some common issues and ways to get started and become the super, computer-building genius you are!
    Don’t Know? Find Out!

    Fortunately for all those who want to build a computer, many have done it and continue to do so. They also post about their tried and tested PC-building tips online whether that’s on YouTube or some tech-savvy forum. Google is your friend. Do some light research to find out what others have done before you.
    Before you begin, ask yourself what kind of computer do you need? Are you an engineering student who will need to run heavy software? Are you a gamer who needs a hardy graphics and capture card? You need to know so you can estimate your casing and the parts to look for.
    Parts you NEED:
    • Processor
    • Motherboard
    • Memory
    • Graphics processing unit
    • Storage
    • Power supply.
    • Casing.

    Don’t Go Cheap:

    Avoiding Common Mistakes
    One of the most common mistakes is buying cheap parts that will soon be outdated. While spending less money now and leaving room for an upgrade my sound like a good idea, it’s actually just going to slow you down now and make you pay more later. Really, you should never “go cheap” when it comes to your computer. Technology advances so fast anyway, your Intel Core processor will be outdated in a year. On this note, do NOT wait until you need a component to purchase it. Buy everything at once and assemble as you go.

    The Weak And The Strong

    Another common mistake is choosing components that are too strong or too weak to work well with your other specs. For example, grabbing a graphics card that is too strong for your monitor (which you won’t be building).

    Get Space
    Oddly enough, another common mistake is not building in a big enough space. Not a big room per se, but a large table top should help. You don’t want to lose tiny screws or get tangled up in wires. It’s also important to build a big enough case. As you will find, there are many artistic and capable cases out there.

    It’s Getting Hot In Here
    Heat sink? Fan? Temperature? You need to monitor your computer’s temperature at all times, especially while booting everything up and updating drivers for the first time. Every computer has a temperature it is supposed to running at and one that is the danger zone. In your search, you will also find water cooling and coolant components. But work within your knowledge and limits.

    It’s Not Game Over
    The last common mistake is giving up. You may run into difficulties but the internet is full of people who have done what you are trying to do. Always research and read stories of people who have failed. There is always an answer out there—that’s the perk of an ever-changing, tech-savvy world.

    sourse: Jackie Edwards

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