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    What future should flower vending be expected in Europe, Asia and America?


    Can vending become as an optimal solution for faster development of flower retail sales? “FStor” flower vending machine can prove that it is possible.

    Vending industry is developing and demand for it is growing. Nonetheless, floral sector has not been so active in adapting this equipment for business. What is the reason for such hesitations? The problem is flowers are very sensitive to maintenance conditions and not every vending machine can meet all these requirements.

    In 2014, Russian company – XD Ltd. released their core product known as “FStor”. This new flower vending machine changed the perception of floral market about opportunities to start and run their own fully automated flower business.

    FStor developers have decided to create a vending machine in accordance with florists’ demands. The bet has been made on cutting-edge technologies. One of the most significant advantages of these machines is an innovative microclimate system. Specially designed air-cooling system creates convenient conditions for keeping flowers fresh. In its turn, the spherical showcase ensures optimum air circulation and balanced spreading of cooled air over the entire surface. Therefore, flowers stay fresh and beautiful inside the machine for a long time.

    What is more, a size of cells is suitable for not only bouquets, but also for small flower baskets and other related gifts and souvenirs. Owing to luminous spherical showcase, customers will draw their attention to this machine, come and take a closer look.

    It is worth noting about a unique system of remote management. FStor developers have not just designed a typical system for vending to monitor sales statistics. Every FStor machine has multifunctional cloud service that operates similarly as CRM system. The cloud gives possibility to organize owner’s business processes and plan tasks for one machine or joint network of machines. An entrepreneur can have all the range of methods to stimulate sales like those that all online-shops use for now such as discount coupons, loyalty cards, and special offers and so on. In addition, businessperson has possibility to keep in touch with flower suppliers directly through his/her cloud account.

    Russian floral market has warmly welcomed this unique machine. FStor producers report their machine has occupied 80% of flower vending in Russia for just two first years. Now, FStor machines operate successfully in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Spain, Panama, Czech Republic and in other European, American and Asian countries.

    FStor is convenient and smart tool for running the business. It can assist for startup or development of existing enterprise. All FStor functions were created for florists, thus they can run their business in easier way. It only depends on entrepreneur how this opportunity can be realized in a more efficient way.

    What future should flower vending be expected in Europe, Asia and America? Only time will tell.
    For more information

    XD Ltd. Company

    Alexander Lebedev

    Email: info.fstor@gmail.com


    8 921-964-8682


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