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    Dear California Flower Growers & supporters,

    After dozens of interviews, podcasts, and advertising directly into Sacramento, the California Cut Flower Commission staff and Growers have done it and finally reached the Governor of California. Below is reference to an interview I did a couple of days ago which looks like our message finaly got through to the Governor. 

    I know it has been added to by numerous other groups and letters have been signed by multiple sectors of AG, not to forget the work done by our attorneys, George Sores, Lauren Noland-Hajik and Louie Brown of KSC.

    Moving the government like this takes a great team working together. I know it’s last minute but any news as positive as this can only help.  

    Remember we want to celebrate MOTHER’S MAY the whole month.

    Doing What Maters,

    Dave Pruitt

    CEO, California Cut Flower Commission

    With reopening, Newsom throws Hail Mary to flower growers

    During his daily press conference yesterday, Gov. Newsom said the state plans to ease its stay-at-home order later this week to allow for some curbside retail businesses to reopen, including florists.

    This may be a last-minute lifeline for cut flower growers ahead of Mother’s Day weekend. The industry is “teetering on economic devastation,” said the head of the state flower commission in March as the impacts of the lockdown began to sink in. Without more people buying flowers, “farmers, wholesale distributors, retail designers and all the people who work in those businesses cannot survive,” he added. 

    The industry has been struggling under trade impacts in recent years. Imports from Holland, Ecuador and Colombia have grown to account for about 80% of the U.S. market. 

    On Thursday, the state will release more details on its “Stage 2” guidelines. Some manufacturing businesses will also be included in the new order. 

    The change in policy comes as a growing number of rural counties with low infection rates have pushed back on the administration, going as far as reopening some businesses. Newsom is now choosing a more diplomatic path in his decision, allowing some regional variation in the reopening, “but only after self-certification of particular criteria” for testing, contact tracing and other health indicators.  

    Keep in mind: Dine-in restaurants and offices will be part of a separate Stage 2 opening in the coming weeks.

    Read the full Article Here


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