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    KARACHI: There is a dire need to re-vigour ailing set up of Common Facility Centres (CFC) in Sindh and Punjab for providing more strength to exporting floriculture sector.

    The representatives of the flower export fraternity asked the Export Development Fund to look into the matter for the interest of the sector as Pakistan, mostly a fresh flower market is almost flooded with roses. The flower is also used in perfume industry and in many Auravedic and Greek medicine preparations.

    In case of increase in flower export, country would get new markets under the World Trade Organisation regime that offers great opportunity for export of fresh flowers. The floral industry is growing around seven percent annually, while the global trade volume in half of 2016 stood at $136.92 billion. Pakistan’s exports remained under Rs 189 million in successive last two years each while Indian exports stood at Rs 1,900 million a year. Members of Pakistan National Rose Society, Horticulture Society of Pakistan and exporters said marketing of cut flowers supported the demand of exporters in this regard.

    The advantages of Pakistan over other flower exporting countries included cheap labour, friendly agro climatic conditions, proximity to markets in Japan, Middle East countries, south east Asia and Pacific Rim which have huge growing demand. Pakistan has advantage over Europe as during cold winter months flower production is curtailed and at same time this is the prime cultivation time in Pakistan that provides great advantage.

    Pakistani flowering season is November to April hence the produce will be available in first and last quarters, thus fetching better prices in the international market.

    CFCs were set up over 100 acres, equipped with the latest conservation agriculture technologies like drip irrigation as well as storage and refrigeration facilities to enable growers and exporters to remain competitive in international market. The members said plots should be leased out to flower growers and exporters to develop this sector in line with international market trends. This step would go a long way in developing and promoting floriculture in Pakistan.

    Pakistan can earn its foreign exchange in billions of dollars like the countries Iran, India, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Kenya and Thailand.

    Pakistan a growing market for floral products, particularly of cut flowers and there is a huge demand for cut flowers, especially roses and tulips. Export to world’s largest importers of fresh flowers like United States, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy and Russia can be enhanced manifold, flower planters and growers said.

    The largest exporters of cut flowers are The Netherlands, Colombia and Kenya and Pakistan can be part of this list with government’s backing, suggested growers. Horticulture as a sub-sector participates 12 percent in the agriculture sector. Horticulture occupies 7 percent of arable land of Pakistan, while floriculture occupies only 0.9 percent.


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    Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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