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    World of Flowers 2018 thanks partners
    Inspiration and beautiful products, the third edition of the Wim Hazelaar Trofee, the second edition of the Student Challenge and for the first time NEW! All at the IFTF in Vijfhuizen, the Netherlands (7-9 November 2018), organized by GTC+
    The World of Flowers can only be organized through co-operation with a variety of partners. Also this year the range of partners is impressive again. All partners are equally important and are introduced on our website GTC+ and social media.

    Special thanks to our main partners
    First of all the IFTF. This fair is growing each year in size and quality. Giving the best possible stage for the World of Flowers. This year for the first time NEW! This networking event for florists is organized around the Award winning ceremony of the Wim Hazelaar Trofee and in support of the young florist.

    Partner in all fifth editions of the World of Flowers is Oasis Floral Products, the main sponsor of the Wim Hazelaar Trofee. Supplying all kinds of floral products for the competition and the first price of € 750, makes this partnership extremely valuable to the organization.
    Decofresh Roses is supplying all our roses. Their amazing varieties are shown through the entire area and are used in all competitions during the World of Flowers. In combination with all other products, this shows that the Rose is the queen of all flowers!
    Check for more information GTC+ and our Facebook page.

    More and more rose growers enthusiastic about ReduFlex Blue
    An increasing number of rose growers are reaping the benefits of ReduFlex Blue. Filtering out blue light improves stem length.
    The colour of light has an impact on the growth and development of the plants. Plants can ‘see’ colours with light-sensitive pigments such as phytochrome, cryptochrome and phototropins. Each of these pigments is sensitive to a certain range of colours. The colour of light causes such a pigment to be switched to a particular setting. It is the starting signal for a whole series of processes that ultimately determine the structure of the plant. Therefore by controlling light, you can control the plant’s shape.

    Longer stems on cut flowers
    With cut flowers, you often want more length. After all, a longer stem earns more money. It is a well-known fact that stem growth is largely determined by the ratio between red and far-red light. The more far-red light (compared to red light), the taller the plants.
    Using coatings, you can change the ratios between colours of light by selectively blocking a certain colour. You could therefore inhibit red light from entering the greenhouse. Even though this is technically possible, this remains a difficult approach. It is quite critical and too much far-red (compared to red) quickly leads to thin, elongated plants. Although the stems are then longer, the quality of their appearance clearly decreases.
    Blue light offers more possibilities. This colour has a whole range of effects on the plant. Although it causes the stomata to open wider, it reduces their numbers on new leaves. Blue light also makes it easier for water to flow through the foliage. However, the most interesting property in this respect is that this colour inhibits stem growth.
    Natural variety
    ReduFlex Blue specifically inhibits blue light from entering the greenhouse, thus changing the ratio of light colours in the PAR range.
    In theory, this could result in longer stems in all cut flowers. However, in a greenhouse the conditions change constantly. Firstly, there is already a lot of variation in sunlight. In spring, the proportion of blue in natural light is greater that it is in summer and when a cloud floats by in summer, there is temporarily more blue light. At dusk there is a lot of far-red, which stimulates stem growth. However, when the assimilation lighting is on at the same time, it produces so much red light that the far-red effect isn’t seen at all.
    Roses love ReduFlex Blue
    The combination of natural conditions and coating will produce different results in different regions. For this reason, it is a question of trying out which crops and in which regions ReduFlex Blue is able to play a useful role. In the case of roses, this has already been well demonstrated. Growers all across the world have seen positive results: in the Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Germany, Poland, Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Ecuador and Colombia.
    In many cases, an added benefit is that in summer ReduFlex Blue has a cooling effect on the greenhouse. This is due to the fact that blue light is relatively energy-rich. If you filter it out, the plant heats up less quickly. In addition, the coating has infra-red resistant properties.

    More information:
    Or Visit Mardenkro (ReduSystems) at stand B5.24

    Open House Programme
    De Jong Lelies
    Contact: Mr. Frank Schipper Stand: A1.32
    Address: Kerkepad 28
    Zip Code: 1619 AE
    City: Andijk Country: The Netherlands
    Phone: +31-228-591400 Fax: +31-228-592837
    Website: www.

    Dates: Monday November 5, 2018 – Friday November 9, 2018
    Hours: 08:30 a.m. – 05:00 p.m.

    De Ruiter Innovations
    Contact: Mr. Örjan Hulshof Stand: E5.19
    Address: Meerlandenweg 55
    Zip Code: 1189 ZR
    City: Amstelveen Country: The Netherlands
    Phone: +31-20-6436516

    Dates: Wednesday November 7, 2018 – Friday November 9, 2018
    Hours: 09:00 a.m. – 06:00 p.m.

    Dümmen Orange (Gerbera)
    Contact: Mr. Rokus Hassefras Stand: A3.02
    Address: Mijnherenweg 33
    Zip Code: 1433 AP
    City: Kudelstaart Country: Netherlands
    Phone: +31-174-530100

    Dates: Wednesday November 7, 2018 – Friday November 9, 2018
    Hours: 08:00 a.m. – 06:00 p.m.

    Dümmen Orange (Roses)
    Contact: Mr. Rokus Hassefras Stand: A3.02
    Address: Hoofdweg 118
    Zip Code: 1424 PE
    City: De Kwakel Country: Netherlands
    Phone: +31-174-530100

    Dates: Wednesday November 7, 2018 – Friday November 9, 2018
    Hours: 08:00 a.m. – 06:00 p.m.

    HENKS for Flowers and Chocolates
    Contact: Ms. Haya Burshaid Stand: C5.14
    Address: Qanat Quartier, The Pearl, P.O. Box 17963
    City: Doha Country: Qatar
    Phone: +974-3311-1811

    Dates/Hours: Daily from 10:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m.

    Holex Flowers B.V.
    Contact: Mrs. Fleur Cornelissen Stand: B4.06
    Address: Magnolia 3
    Zip Code: 1424 LA
    City: De Kwakel Country: Netherlands
    Phone: +31-297-381050

    Dates: Wednesday November 7, 2018 – Friday November 9, 2018
    Hours: 08:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

    Kiara by Fleurametz
    Contact: Mrs. Nancy van Kleef Stand: A1.01
    Address: Betula 31
    Zip Code: 1424 LH
    City: De Kwakel Country: The Netherlands
    Phone: +31-297-352888

    Dates: Wednesday November 7, 2018 – Friday November 9, 2018
    Hours: 08:00 a.m. – 05:00 p.m.

    Könst Alstroemeria B.V.
    Contact: Mr. Stef Veenhof Stand: B3.12
    Address: Nieuwveens Jaagpad 99
    Zip Code: 2441 GA
    City: Nieuwveen Country: Netherlands
    Phone: +31-172-539925 Fax: +31-172-537144

    Dates: Monday November 5, 2018 – Friday November 9, 2018
    Hours: 09:00 a.m. – 04:00 p.m. (Monday – Thursday)
    09:00 a.m. – 02:00 p.m. (Friday)

    Kordes Roses
    Contact: Mr. Johan Berk Stand: A1.02
    Address: Weteringweg 3a
    Zip Code: 2155 MV
    City: Leimuiderburg Country: Netherlands
    Phone: +31-297-513010 Fax: +31-297-513019

    Dates/Hours: Only by appointment

    Meilland International
    Contact: Mr. Sjaak Oomkens Stand: A1.14
    Address: Weteringseweg 3a
    Zip Code: 2155 MV
    City: Leimuiderburg Country: Netherlands
    Phone: +31-172-506700 Fax: +31-172-506675
    Email: Mr. Sjaak Oomkens

    Dates: Wednesday November 7, 2018 – Friday November 9, 2018
    Hours: 08:00 a.m. – 05:00 p.m.

    Roses Forever ApS
    Contact: Mrs. Rosa Eskelund Stand: A1.14
    Address: Mandhusvej 18
    Zip Code: 8471
    City: Sabro Country: Denmark
    Phone: +45-5157-1990 Fax: +45-8694-8289

    Dates/Hours: Monday November 12, 2018 (02:00 p.m. – 04:00 p.m.)
    Tuesday November 13, 2018 (10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.)
    Only by appointment

    Schreurs Holland
    Contact: Mrs. Marike Wegbrans Stand: A1.12
    Address: Hoofdweg 81
    Zip Code: 1424 PD
    City: De Kwakel Country: Netherlands
    Phone: +31-297-383444

    Dates: Monday November 5, 2018 – Friday November 9, 2018
    Hours: 08:00 a.m. – 05:00 p.m.

    United Selections
    Contact: Mr. Jelle Posthumus Stand: B1.20
    Address: Hoofdweg 81
    Zip Code: 1424 PD
    City: De Kwakel Country: Netherlands
    Phone: +31-297-383444

    Dates: Monday November 5, 2018 – Friday November 9, 2018
    Hours: 08:00 a.m. – 05:00 p.m.






    # Company Country Booth
    1 AAA Roses Kenya C1.22
    2 AAALTAROSA Ecuador D3.06
    3 Afrex Trading 2003 (Pty) Ltd. South Africa A3.25
    4 Afriflower PLC – Bellaflor Group Ecuador D4.32
    5 Agricola Circasia – Vuelven Colombia E5.21
    6 Agricola El Cactus Colombia B3.20
    7 Agricola el Redil Colombia B4.02
    8 Agro-Check Netherlands A1.30
    9 Agroindustrial Don Eusebio SAS Colombia B3.20
    10 Ai2 Netherlands A1.30
    11 Air France-KLM-Martinair Cargo Netherlands A2.29
    12 B.V. Netherlands B1.45
    13 Aleia Roses Netherlands EN.01
    14 Alexandra Farms Colombia B5.28
    15 Alimadadi Ferilizer Iran D3.27
    16 Alma Roses Ecuador D3.04
    17 ANCEF Italy B2.26
    18 Anniroses Ecuador E4.10
    19 Aposentos Flowers Colombia B3.20
    20 Aquila Flowers Kenya C3.37
    21 ARC France C1.32
    22 Aromas Farms Colombia B3.20
    23 Aser Tejarat Iran D3.27
    24 ASPAC Floral Foam Co., Ltd. Hong Kong A5.10
    25 Atlantis S.R.l. Italy B2.26
    26 B&B S.r.l. DI Bregliano Italy B2.26
    27 Ball / PAS / Florensis USA A4.12
    28 Bangkok Intimex Co., Ltd. Thailand C1.03
    29 Barile Flowers Service Italy B2.02
    30 Batian Flowers – Upendo Flowers Kenya B4.20
    31 Bella Flowers Rwanda E4.01
    32 BellaRosa Ecuador D4.15
    33 Bercomex Netherlands C4.10
    34 Biancheri Creations Italy B4.12
    35 Black Tulip Group Kenya B2.27
    36 Bloom Hills Rwanda E4.01
    37 Bosman Van Zaal Netherlands A1.15
    38 BOT Flowerbulbs Netherlands B3.35
    39 Brandkamp GMBH Germany C5.04
    40 Camptec Florecot Ecuador D5.03
    41 Cargo Logistics Group USA D5.32
    42 Cargolite South Africa A3.25
    43 Celtic Cooling Netherlands B1.01
    44 Ceres Farms Ecuador D5.05
    45 Chrysal Netherlands B1.42
    46 Coir Board India E3.23
    47 Colibri Flowers Colombia B3.20
    48 Coloríginz Netherlands B1.32
    49 Comptoir Paulinois France A5.20
    50 Continental Breeding Spain C2.04
    51 COPEX Netherlands B1.18
    52 CORPEI Ecuador E4.10
    53 Credible Blooms Kenya C4.14
    54 Cyklop Nederland BV. Netherlands C1.15
    55 Danziger Israel B4.22
    56 Davinciroses Exportaciones Ecuador E4.10
    57 De Jong Lelies Holland Netherlands A1.32
    58 De Ruiter Innovations Netherlands E5.19
    59 Debets Schalke Netherlands C5.08
    60 Decofresh Roses Netherlands E5.01
    61 Decorea Co., Ltd. South Korea D4.02
    62 Deliflor Netherlands E5.10
    63 Denkers Shipping B.V. – Denkers Chile S.p.A. Netherlands C2.21
    64 DF Tarim Ürünleri Turkey E3.20
    65 Diemme Fiori Italy B2.26
    66 Dilpack Kenya Kenya C2.36
    67 Distretto Florovivaistico de la Liguria Italy B2.26
    68 DS Hortitrade Netherlands C5.08
    69 Duferflower Italy B2.26
    70 Dümmen Orange Netherlands A3.02
    71 EBF Cargo Ecuador D3.17
    72 Ebrahimi Flowers & Plants Iran D3.27
    73 Ecoroses Ecuador D4.08
    74 Ecuagarden Group Ecuador D5.27
    75 Edenroses Ecuador D4.03
    76 Editorial Verdimedia Spain B5.06
    77 EFGAZ Zimbabwe E4.22
    78 EHPEA Ethiopia B1.22
    79 El Milagro Colombia A4.26
    80 Elemflora S.r.l. Italy B2.26
    81 Elgon Collection Kenya C2.14
    82 EMS Netherlands B1.02
    83 Equinox Flowers Kenya D4.14
    84 Ercolano Flora srl Italy D3.20
    85 Esmeralda Farms Ecuador B1.15
    86 Eternal Flower Ecuador A1.24
    87 Ethiopia National Pavilion Ethiopia B1.22
    88 Eval Netherlands B1.02
    89 Evanthia B.V. Netherlands A3.33
    90 Everbloom Roses Ecuador E4.10
    91 Exo Peru Peru D4.20
    92 Fairways Logistics Netherlands D5.20
    93 Flexin SRL Italy B3.43
    94 Flora Toscana Soc. Agr. Coop. Italy C2.31
    95 Flora United International Netherlands B2.36
    96 FloralDaily Netherlands C1.43
    97 Floramatt Rwanda E4.01
    98 Flores del Cotopaxi Ecuador E4.10
    99 Flores El Capiro Colombia B3.20
    100 Flores la Conchita / Floreloy Colombia E5.20
    101 Flores Milonga S.A. Colombia B3.20
    102 Flores Prisma S.A., C.I. Colombia B4.02
    103 Flores Silvestres Colombia E5.24
    104 Flores Verdes Ecuador D3.05
    105 Florisert Peru D4.20
    106 FlorSani Ecuador D5.04
    107 Flower Business Support Netherlands D4.14
    108 FlowerCompanies Netherlands A1.30
    109 Flowers Express SRL Italy B3.43
    110 Flowers of Colombia Colombia B3.20
    111 Flowex B.V. Netherlands B3.43
    112 Four Seasons Quality B.V. Netherlands B2.14
    113 FreshPortal Software B.V. Netherlands B1.41
    114 Gambur Flowers Colombia B5.32
    115 Gasa Young Plants Denmark C1.02
    116 Geerlofs Refrigeration Netherlands B1.31
    117 Geoflora S.A.S. Colombia B3.20
    118 Golpooneh Iran D3.29
    119 Goran Azad University Iran D3.29
    120 Graglia Fiori S.A.S. di Graglia Cesare Italy B2.26
    121 Green Italy Soc. Agr. Srl Italy D3.20
    122 Green Team Consultancy+ Netherlands D3.03
    123 Greenrose Ecuador D4.08
    124 Greneth Plants B.V. Netherlands B1.36
    125 G-Rose Breeding South Korea B4.30
    126 Groupe GRD France B5.18
    127 Grupo Andes farms Colombia B3.20
    128 Grupo Hoja Verde Ecuador D4.08
    129 Grupo Vegaflor Colombia B3.20
    130 Haakman Flowerbulbs B.V. Netherlands C3.24
    131 Handboek BeP Netherlands C5.30
    132 Hans van der Poel B.V. Netherlands C3.20
    133 Hansa Flowers Ethiopia D3.08
    134 Harry Vernooy B.V. Netherlands B4.16
    135 Havatec BV Netherlands C3.26
    136 HENKS Garden Qatar C5.14
    137 Highland Whisper Ecuador C4.06
    138 Holex Flower B.V. Netherlands B4.06
    139 Hortus Supplies International Netherlands A4.14
    140 HotBox International United Kingdom C5.28
    141 Hypot South Korea C3.42
    142 IAA-Fresh Netherlands E2.23
    143 IMPEX Flowers Ecuador D5.24
    144 Interplant Roses b.v. Netherlands B1.08
    145 Inverpalmas Colombia B3.20
    146 Invos Flowers Colombia B5.10
    147 IPHandlers Netherlands A1.28
    148 IPM Essen – IPM Worldwide Germany C1.16
    149 Iran Agriculture Ministry Iran D3.29
    150 Iran Flowers & Plants Association Iran D3.27
    151 Iran National Pavilion Iran D3.27, D3.29
    152 Isinya Roses / Porini Flowers Kenya D3.15
    153 J.W.A. Lafeber Netherlands A5.25
    154 Jan Spek Rozen Netherlands A2.02
    155 Japan Flowers And Plants Export Association Japan C1.06
    156 Jaroma Roses Colombia A5.12
    157 Kenya Flower Council Kenya C2.28
    158 Kenya Flower Growers Pavilion Kenya C2.28
    159 Khazar Eurazia Iran D3.27
    160 Kiara Flowers Ecuador A1.01
    161 KM Handling Colombia SAS Colombia E4.24
    162 Koduk Green House South Korea B4.34
    163 Koen Pack Netherlands D5.29
    164 Kolster B.V. Netherlands A1.24
    165 Komet Sales USA C2.15
    166 Könst Alstroemeria B.V. Netherlands B3.12
    167 Koolandcel Iran D3.29
    168 Koppert Biological Systems Netherlands C2.27
    169 Kordes Roses Germany A1.02
    170 Kuehne + Nagel Netherlands B1.25
    171 La Gaitana Farms S.A. Colombia D5.07
    172 La Rosaleda Ecuador D3.14
    173 La Villetta Italy B1.24
    174 Liguria Blumen Italy C2.20
    175 Liquid Seal Netherlands B3.08
    176 Logiztik Alliance Group Ecuador A1.26
    177 Ludvig Svensson BV Netherlands B1.05
    178 Lufthansa Cargo AG Germany D5.14
    179 Luiten Greenhouses Netherlands E4.19
    287 Lutgo Recruitment Netherlands E2.17
    180 Magana Flowers Kenya C4.20
    286 Magic Flowers Ecuador D2.06
    181 Mardenkro B.V. Netherlands B5.24
    182 Matina Flowers Colombia E5.21
    183 Mecaflor France B4.28
    184 Mehdi Samangani Rose Production Center Iran D3.27
    185 Meilland International France A1.14
    186 Milestone Fresh Netherlands A1.31
    187 MJ-Tech Fogsystems Netherlands A5.19
    188 Moerheim Roses & Trading India India B1.19
    189 Montecarlo Gardens Colombia B3.20
    190 Morgan Cargo Netherlands C4.24
    191 Mount Meru Flowers Tanzania C5.22
    192 Muchflowers Ecuador A5.02
    193 Muller Bloemzaden B.V. Netherlands D5.30
    194 Mystery Lady Denmark C1.02
    195 Mzurrie Flowers Kenya C2.24
    196 Naranjo Roses Group Ecuador D5.10
    197 National Agricultural Export Development Board Rwanda E4.01
    198 Native Blooms Ecuador D4.06
    199 New Green Market Netherlands D3.03
    200 New Phlora Italy D2.11
    201 NIRP International Italy B2.20
    202 Ohchi Nursery Japan C5.24
    203 Onings Holland Flowerbulbs Netherlands A4.18
    204 P.J. Dave Flora Kenya C3.34
    205 P.J. Dave Group Kenya D3.11
    206 Pagter Innovations Netherlands A2.32
    207 Panalpina Interfresh Netherlands A1.27
    208 Panjin Dragon Plastic Products Co., Ltd. China C1.27
    209 Panocal Kenya C3.23
    210 Pardisan Potting Mix Iran D3.27
    211 Peruplant Peru D4.20
    212 Phinna Flowers Kenya C3.44
    213 Plazoleta Flowers Colombia B3.20
    214 Ponte Tresa Group Ecuador D4.28
    215 Portugal Fresh Portugal E3.19
    216 Preserved Greenery Italy B2.26
    217 Promoflor SrL. Italy B2.26
    218 Radiant Global Logistics USA D5.26
    219 Real Carga Ltd. Colombia B3.20
    220 Rhenus Fresh B.V. Netherlands B1.18
    221 RKW Hyplast Belgium C2.42
    222 Roots Peru Peru D4.20
    223 Rosas del Corazon (Mosflor) Ecuador B1.26
    224 Rose Amor by Four Seasons Quality Netherlands B5.16
    225 Rose Bunk International Kenya C1.25
    226 Rose Connection Ecuador D4.15
    227 Rose Success Ecuador E4.10
    228 Roseland Farm S.A. Ecuador D3.26
    229 Rosen Tantau Germany A2.14
    230 Roses Forever ApS Denmark B2.42
    231 Rotaris GmbH Germany A4.02
    232 Roto Flowers B.V. Netherlands A2.24
    233 Royal FloraHolland Netherlands D3.09
    234 Royal Van Zanten – Van Zanten Breeding Netherlands C1.19
    235 S.B. Talee de Colombia Colombia B3.20
    236 Saarlucon Gewächshausbau Netherlands E4.19
    237 Sachaflor Ecuador E4.10
    238 Sadid Rouyesh Greenhouse Solutions Iran D3.27
    239 SAFEC South Africa D5.28
    240 Sayonora Cut Flowers Colombia B5.32
    241 Schreurs Holland Netherlands A1.12, D4.27
    242 Select Breeding Netherlands C1.11
    243 Sepidan Rose Products Iran D3.27
    244 Sercom Regeltechniek Netherlands B1.02
    245 Shakti Cocos B.V. Netherlands B3.45
    246 Sian Roses Kenya C3.14
    247 Singha Colombia B4.02
    248 Soex Flora India C3.04
    249 Spring From Holland Netherlands B4.16
    250 Steenvoorden Netherlands A2.28
    251 Stelzner / Pronova Germany A5.26
    252 Stoop Flowerbulbs Netherlands A1.33
    253 Straathof Plants Netherlands B1.36
    254 SV Blumen Express Germany B3.43
    255 Symbiosis International B.V. Netherlands E3.17
    256 Takii Europe B.V. Netherlands B2.10
    257 Tec Ar Flor Italy C1.35
    258 The Flower Hub Kenya C3.10
    259 TLS B.V. Netherlands E5.02
    260 Toyoake Kaki Co. Ltd. Japan C2.37
    261 Tradecorp International Spain D3.25
    262 Tropiflowers Group Colombia B3.20
    263 Turflor S.A. Colombia B1.33
    264 Turkish Cargo Turkey C1.36
    265 Turkish Flower Group Turkey E4.21
    266 Turkish Ornamental Plants Exporters Association Turkey C2.10
    267 UFO Supplies B.V. Netherlands B3.02
    268 Umaflowers Ecuador A2.27
    269 Union Fleurs Belgium B1.37
    270 United Selections B.V. Netherlands B1.20
    271 Valle Verde / Alkavat Ecuador D3.07
    272 Van Egmond Lisianthus Netherlands B3.18
    273 Vaselife Netherlands C2.36
    274 Verdissimo SA Spain B3.32
    275 VERMAKO Bvba Belgium A1.25
    276 Vermeille / Presh Tech Germany B5.30
    277 VIFRA S.r.l. Italy C4.02
    278 Viking Roses ApS Denmark B2.42
    279 WDD Partner in Groei Netherlands C3.19
    280 World of Flowers Netherlands D3.01
    281 Worldwide Cargo Logistics USA D5.32
    282 Zabo Plant Netherlands A1.09
    283 Zakykhani Trading Iran D3.29
    284 Zena Roses Kenya A5.06
    285 Zunino Cactus Italy B2.26


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