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Fun with Flowers

Contact: J Schwanke
6844 Woodland Bluff NE, Comstock Park, MI 49321
616-446-6086 (phone); 616-785-7053 (fax)
Renowned flower expert shares tips, tricks, and the enjoyment to be
found in arranging fresh-cut flowers.
Flowers are important – more important than most people realize – and they
improve our lives in a myriad of ways. People who are sick get better when they
receive flowers (they get better faster if the flowers are yellow!). Elderly people
experience happier thoughts, increased memory retention, and enlarge their circles
of friends in the presence of flowers. People even live longer when flowers are part
of their lives!
Flower expert J Schwanke shares the life-sustaining joy and pleasure to be found in
flowers in his newly published made-in-America book Fun with Flowers – Your
Guide to Selecting, Arranging, and Enjoying Beautiful Flowers.
Featuring forty-eight projects along with numerous tips, easy-to-master techniques,
hints for using color and containers, and ideas for selecting and arranging flowers
and foliage, Fun with Flowers details the vast enjoyment to be found in arranging
fresh-cut flowers.
The book, made with Michigan recycled paper and American-made inks and bound
in the United States, includes over twenty-four links to J’s own video series, Fun
with Flowers, that teaches viewers how to arrange the projects featured in the book.
These step-by-step videos share J’s passion for flowers, his wonderful stories, and
many additional helpful hints for creating beautiful arrangements. In addition, the
book offers a basic tutorial on the right tools to use to achieve the best results.
For his supremely enjoyable efforts, Fun with Flowers received the coveted
Independent Publishers 2014 Living Now Silver Medal in the Craft, Hobbies, and
Collecting category.
J comments, “Flowers provide so many benefits to our minds, bodies, and spirits
that we should all take the opportunity to surround ourselves with beautiful flowers.
Even better, we should all try our hand at arranging them. This book shows you
“J Schwanke is a multi-talented artist and teacher who creates magic with color and
flowers. And best of all – he shares his abundant knowledge with everyone in an
engaging and instructive way. This is a long-awaited book that is well worth the
wait.”  Leatrice Eiseman, director, Eiseman Center for Color Information
and Training, executive director, Pantone Color Institute
AUTHOR: J Schwanke was born to have fun with flowers. Delivered in the middle
of a Nebraska Flower Convention during a snowstorm, this fourth generation florist
grew up in a family of professional florists in Fremont, Nebraska. Sharing is a
passion for him, whether on his show Fun with Flowers and J on, at
hands-on workshops, or when giving public presentations. He is the recipient of the
Society of American Florists Lifetime Achievement Award in Flower
Communication, a recipient of the “Flower Industry Living Legend” award, and
hosts numerous documentaries about flower

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