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Global Social Compliance Programme evaluates social certificate

MPS-SQ certificate passes internationalbenchmark with flying colours

When the FSI (Floriculture Sustainability Initiative) was founded the floriculture sector
sustainability initiative’s objective was for ninety percent of traded flowers and plants to
originate from sustainable sources by 2020. In doing so FSI established that
sustainability relates to the environment as well as social aspects. “It is important that
floriculture products are cultivated with consideration for the environment. However,
we believe it is also vital that inacceptable labour conditions are not involved in their
production,” reveals Leon Mol from Ahold, which represents the retail sector with
regard to FSI. “Moreover there must be adequate attention for the safety of employees
as well as the immediate environment.”

Leading social programme

To be able to guarantee that traded flowers and plants are actually produced under
socially desirable conditions, the FSI asked the international organisation Global Social
Compliance Programme (GSCP) to examine whether the MPS-SQ (Socially Qualified)
certificate compiles with the high standards imposed by the Global Social Compliance
Programme. “The requirements, linked to the MPS-SQ certificate, provides a reliable
guarantee that growers who have obtained this certificate cultivate their products under
socially acceptable conditions”, states Mol. However, to independently evaluate the
underlying values of the MPS-SQ certificate, MPS requested GSCP to benchmark MPS-SQ
with the Global Social Compliance Programme. “This programme is considered as the
leading social programme in many different branches and sectors.”
High scores

The benchmark resulted in MPS-SQ achieving exceptionally high scores. Now that the
MPS-SQ certificate has passed the international benchmark with flying colours, Mol
believes that growers could use this to meet the requirements of Albert Heijn and FSI.
“In fact it will be part of the so-called license to produce.”
In the picture
Leon Mol, Senior Manager Product Integrity of Royal Ahold Netherlands

More information
MPS – Arjan van der Meer, press representation & communication
T. +31 (0)174-615 724

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