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Happy Employees make good Employees

Happy Employees make good Employees

I know this must sound obvious but there are many reasons why this concept is lost on some employers.

A friend of mine had recently confided in me that she did not like her job and that she was looking for a change. I am sure there are many like her that have decent paying jobs but where the conditions surrounding those jobs are distracting and frustrating. As a result this employee was bored, unsatisfied, and looking for a way out and into a better company.

There are two main parts to being employed by any company. One is the conditions of the work environment itself and the other is the job that you are hired to do. In this case sell lots of flowers to customers that come to trust and rely on your ability to perform.
As a salesperson in floral there are some fundamentals that make your life as an employee great or awful. A good inventory to sell from, reliable information from the farms that allow accurate pre-sales, consistent fulfillment of customer orders and a superb logistics department that makes sure that orders are processed and delivered on time.

These are the basics of a well run organization. However, these benefits can be overshadowed by poor working conditions. Chances are pretty good that if a company performs the above mentioned tasks well, then they are also likely to provide good working conditions for their employees.

In this case my friend assured me that neither of these scenarios was valid. “Customers could not count on me and therefore my sales suffered. We never had enough of the in demand flowers when needed and I lost sales to others. Plus the work environment was stressful and unproductive and had me always looking for a way out.”

Moving to a new company holds much risk for a career salesperson. Most companies will only start out a new salesperson with a list of non-accounts to cold call. It is very likely that your best and most loyal customers are already assigned to existing sales staff, who are unlikely to give them up. This fact keeps many employees at their current job in fear of having to start all over again.

I am happy to report that so far my friend is so happy at the new job that she wonders why she waited so long to move on.

But the best part of this story for me was not the change of job saga but some very simple things that, I believe, will make this change a success. She told me that when she arrived on the first day of work, after many extensive interviews, she found a clean desk filled with office supplies. A stapler with extra staples, pens, paper, staple puller, and a parking spot in the lot where you can park and walk into the building without get wet if it is raining. Granted this covered parking is a huge perk and not available at many companies.

These small rather mundane office supply items were enough to make this new employee happy, productive and confirming that this was the right move. As a bonus this new employer met all of those business fundamentals I referred to above.

Now begins the hard work of convincing her contacts to follow and gaining their trust and of course then, the not so glamorous part of phone sales. “Cold Calling”

Good luck to her, the progressive company where she now works and the happy customers that happy employees make.

Williee Armellini

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