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IFTEX 2017 Nairobi Kenya

IFTEX 2017 Nairobi Kenya


Nairobi, Monday May 15, 2017. The yearly held flower trade exhibition IFTEX is again going to open its doors in about 3 weeks. The first week of June has in the meanwhile become the week of the Kenyan flower industry. Most Kenyan growers, but as well more and more growers from other African countries, are participating with a stand in this exhibition. And the few that have no stand will be visiting the show, looking for buyers.

This year both US and Chinese buyers of flowers are the focus point of the international visitor promotion efforts. Although you would expect that the American flower buyer would show more interest to attend IFTEX to source Kenyan flowers, with the recent news of starting direct flights between Kenya and the USA, it is the Chinese buyer who is showing more interest, when looking at the number of pre-registered visitors so far for this year’s IFTEX.

The halls of the exhibition are full as usual with many Kenyan growers and again with new big and important flower producing farms, who will be exhibiting for the first time this year. “And that is important for the success of the trade fair, as it is always our prime goal to bring flower growers and flower buyers together”, says Jasper van Dijk, Marketing Manager of HPP.

Except for the trade fair itself, many sector related side activities, such as conferences, meetings and seminars will also take place before, during and even after the show. This all together has made IFTEX having become a structural part of Kenya’s flower industry.

The fair is running from Wednesday June 7 to Friday June 9 and open daily from 10:00 hrs. to 18:00 hrs. at the Oshwal Center in Westlands, Nairobi, Kenya.

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    • High interest for IFTEX Kenya
    • Weber Cooling for the third time present at IFTEX
    • Breeder Open Days:
    De Ruiter East Africa Ltd.
    • Breeder Open Days:
    • Breeder Open Days: United Selections
    • Floorplan
    • Updated exhibitor list


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    Nairobi, Monday May 22, 2017. The number of pre-registered visitors for the upcoming international flower trade exhibition IFTEX is increasing rapidly. Online pre registrations up to now show an increase of 53% compared to last year with especially many international flower buyers among them, having signed up to attend the coming trade fair in Kenya. But it is not only the number of visitors that has grown, also the number of flower trade companies that apparently plans to attend is 25% up compared to last year.
    “There is a clear structural change going on in the international flower industry. The trade is changing as a result of a combination of reasons. Increased demand for flowers following a growing need for fresh cut flowers in existing and new markets, increased intercontinental air-way connections, new concepts of logistical distribution channels, and strong improved quality of African grown flowers causing more competition for products from traditional flower producing countries, have shaken up the supply routes and distribution channels worldwide”, says Dick van Raamsdonk of HPP who organizes the annual flower trade fair in Kenya. “And to give you one more other example, Iran, a country with 80,000.,000 inhabitants and currently developing its horticulture industry strongly, not only for their home market, but also for exports to neighboring countries. I predict that Iran will become an important future supplier of roses for the Russian market. Mark my words!”.
    It looks like the coming edition of IFTEX will be an interesting one, where not only many buyers can be expected, but especially buyers from new markets.


    Weber Cooling is the new leader in vacuum cooling. Also in the floriculture sector Weber is becoming an important partner for cold chain management, with vacuum pre-cooling solutions both at the farm and at the logistic hubs. Weber has developed dedicated solutions, ranging from a compact, high speed one pallet/trolley solution (WEBER ONE, as of USD 31.500), via standardized low cost solutions for up to 12 pallets (as of USD 15.000 per pallet place !) to Aircraft Pallet solutions, suiting one up to four Q7 pallets (WEBER AIR 1, AIR 2, AIR 1+1, AIR 2+2, starting at USD 125.000 / per pallet place!)

    “Weber Cooling – now a global brand – has its head office in The Netherlands, and sales & service centres in Asia and (as of Q3/2017) in the United Stated. In 2017 we will start to build a completely new 20.000 m3 production facility in China, dedicated 100% to vacuum cooling. We offer a range of premium quality solutions, using state-of-the art refrigeration technology and the latest environmental friendly refrigerants. Together with a world-wide supplier network we support our customers worldwide and advise them on quality preservation in the best possible way.
    Visit our new website and view our installations at our logistic customers:












    Nr. Company Country Booth
    1 AAA Roses Kenya D3.06
    2 Aberdare (Kemaks Blooms) Kenya G2.19
    3 Aberdare (Tegmak Blooms) Kenya G4.11
    4 Abuzarara Hortiexport Kenya G1.06
    5 Afrex Trading 2003 (Pty) Ltd. South Africa E1.06
    6 Africalla (K) Ltd. Kenya D3.01
    7 Agrichem Africa Kenya G4.06
    8 Agriplast Africa Kenya D2.22
    9 Agripolyane France D1.03
    10 Agrotech and Supplies (K) Ltd. Kenya G3.26
    11 Alani Gardens Kenya B3.01
    12 Amiran Kenya Ltd. Kenya D3.08
    13 Amor & Omang Kenya D4.08
    14 Anemo/UV RER France E1.04
    15 Aquila Flowers Kenya B3.18
    16 Asthor Agricola Spain C3.02
    17 Balaji Flowers Kenya G2.14
    18 Baraka Roses Kenya C3.04
    19 Batian Flowers Kenya B3.17
    20 Bella Flowers Rwanda F3.15
    21 Bellaflor / Afriflowers Ethiopia B4.09
    22 Benev Flora Kenya G4.10
    23 Bercomex Holland F3.13
    24 BiFlorica Russia F2.01
    25 Black Tulip Group Kenya B4.02
    26 Bliss Flora – Buds & Blooms Kenya B2.02
    27 Blooming Africa Ltd. Kenya D3.01
    28 Bosman Van Zaal Holland B1.01
    29 Branan Flowers Ltd. Kenya A2.14
    30 Broekhof Africa Kenya B3.22
    31 Bullgate Company Kenya G2.16
    32 Cargo Logistics Group USA F3.10
    33 Cargolite South Africa E1.06
    34 Cargotech Freight Logistics Limited Kenya F1.04
    35 Cartesia Blooms Kenya G3.30
    36 Celtic Cooling Holland C3.07
    37 ChainCreek (K) Ltd. Kenya G4.04
    38 Charly Fresh Produce Kenya G4.15
    39 Chrysal Africa Ltd. Kenya C2.05
    40 Coconut Products Impex India F3.12
    41 Continental Breeding Spain B5.02
    42 Credible Blooms Kenya C2.01
    43 Cultural De Afrique Flowers Kenya G2.13
    44 Cyklop Nederland B.V. Holland F1.08
    45 Danziger Israel D5.12
    46 De Ruiter East Africa (DREA) Ltd. Kenya B4.12
    47 Decofresh Roses Holland D4.08
    48 Delta Cargo Connections 2011 Ltd. Kenya F1.06
    49 Devine Schools Kenya G3.40
    50 Dilpack Kenya Ltd. Kenya D2.17
    51 DSV Air & Sea Limited Kenya E1.10
    52 Dümmen Orange Kenya B2.12
    53 Dutch Flower Group (DFG Africa – Fresh from Source) Holland D2.12
    54 East African Growers Kenya D5.06
    55 Eden (Kemaks Blooms) Kenya G2.19
    56 EHPEA Ethiopia E2.10
    57 Elgon Collection Kenya B2.03
    58 Elgon Kenya Ltd. Kenya D4.12
    59 Essen Multipack Ltd. Kenya G4.14
    60 Everest Roses Kenya C2.10
    61 Exotic (Tegmak Blooms) Kenya G4.11
    62 Fairtrade Africa Kenya F2.18
    63 Fairtrade International Germany F2.18
    64 Finlay Flowers Kenya G2.18
    65 Flawless Flowers International Ltd. Kenya G1.21
    66 FleurAfrica Kenya D2.08
    67 Flora Delight Kenya F2.10
    68 Floriken Blooms Kenya G1.10
    69 Florinews Kenya G1.16
    70 Flower Business Support Kenya Kenya D1.01
    71 Flower Optimal-Connection B.V Holland C3.12
    72 FlowerWatch Holland D2.21
    73 Fontana Kenya B1.04
    74 G. North & Son Ltd. Kenya D2.01
    75 Geerlofs Refrigeration Holland D1.08
    76 Gerta (Tegmak Blooms) Kenya G4.11
    77 Greenbrook Fresh Produce Kenya G3.13
    78 Greenspan-Agritech India C2.07
    79 Hansa Flowers Ethiopia E3.01
    80 Harvest Flowers Kenya D3.17
    81 HCD Kenya F1.16
    82 Holland Business Lounge Holland B5.21
    83 Honeywell Technologies Kenya A2.12
    84 Hoogendoorn Growth Management Holland B1.01
    85 Hortfresh Journal Kenya G4.01
    86 Hortilink (K) Ltd. / Rosalink B.V. Kenya B2.17
    87 HortiNews Kenya G4.01
    88 Hortipro Limited Kenya C1.02
    89 Hortus Supplies International B.V. Holland B4.08
    90 Hyplast Belgium D1.03
    91 Ileri Plastic / African Hydroponics Turkey/Kenya D4.17
    92 Imani Flowers Kenya D2.23
    93 Interplant Roses (East Africa) Ltd. Holland B3.12
    94 Inyuat Farm Fresh Kenya G4.26
    95 IPHandlers Holland B2.21
    96 Irrico International – Richel Group Kenya C1.04
    97 Isinya Roses – Porini Flowers Kenya B1.21
    98 Istanbul Sera Plastik Turkey E1.03
    99 Jamafa Machinery B.V. Holland D3.22
    100 Jan Spek Rozen Holland B2.12
    101 Javva Green Kenya D2.06
    102 Jubaili Agrotech Kenya F2.03
    103 Kagongo (Kemaks Blooms) Kenya G2.19
    104 Kagongo (Tegmak Blooms) Kenya G4.11
    105 Karen Roses Kenya A2.18
    106 Kenya Association of Manufactures (KAM) Kenya F3.18
    107 Kenya Flower Council Kenya C3.01
    108 Kenya Fresh Exports Kenya G4.29
    109 KEPHIS Kenya F1.15
    110 Kimman Roses Ltd. Kenya D4.02
    111 Kirima (Kemaks Blooms) Kenya G2.19
    112 Koenpack Manipal Limited Kenya G4.03
    113 Könst Alstroemeria Holland F3.11
    114 Koppert Biological Systems (K) Ltd. Kenya B5.05
    115 Kordes Roses Germany B2.08
    116 Kuehne + Nagel Ltd. Kenya D1.12
    117 Liquidseal Holland D3.22
    118 Livatty Africa Ltd. Kenya G3.23
    119 Magana Flowers Kenya A2.02
    120 Magnate Flowers Kenya F2.12
    121 Makumbis (Kemak Blooms) Kenya G2.19
    122 MeeGaa Substrates / Shakti Cocos Holland B5.04
    123 Meilland International France D3.12
    124 Migori Flower Growers Kenya G3.21
    125 Milele Flowers Limited Kenya G1.29
    126 Molo Greens Kenya G3.10
    127 Morgan Cargo Kenya C1.01
    128 Mount Kenya Alstroemeria Kenya A2.08
    129 Mukungi (Tegmak Blooms) Kenya G4.11
    130 Multgrow Investments Kenya G4.02
    131 Munyu Growers Kenya G3.29
    132 Mzurrie Flowers Kenya D4.18
    133 Naivasha Horticultural Fair Kenya G4.31
    134 Nathe Enterprises Kenya G4.25
    135 Neptune Flowers Kenya G2.15
    136 NIRP East Africa Ltd. Kenya B1.08
    137 Oboya Africa Ltd. Kenya E2.16
    138 Ocean Agriculture Kenya C3.09
    139 Olij Breeding bv Holland B2.12
    140 Omni Agricultural Ethiopia A2.22
    141 Orgem Flora Kenya G4.24
    142 Oserian Development Kenya C1.07
    143 P.J. Dave Group Kenya B3.06
    144 Panalpina Airflo Ltd. Kenya D2.18
    145 Panda Flowers Kenya D1.06
    146 Panocal International Ltd. Kenya C2.02
    147 PepiniEres et Roseraies Georges Delbard SAS France B1.12
    148 Phinna Flowers Ltd. Kenya G1.12
    149 Printack France D5.19
    150 Red Lands Roses Ltd. Kenya B2.06
    151 Redhill Flowers Kenya G1.17
    152 Rose Bunk International Kenya G1.22
    153 Roshanara Roses PLC Ethiopia A2.22
    154 Royal FloraHolland Holland B3.08
    155 Rulindo Flowers Rwanda G3.29
    156 Sanpac (FPS) Africa / Oasis Floralife Kenya B5.12
    157 Sathya Sai Farm E.A Ltd Kenya D2.06
    158 Savanna Fresh Kenya G4.03
    159 Schreurs East Africa Ltd. Kenya B2.01
    160 Select Breeding B.V. Holland D2.07
    161 Selecta Cut Flowers, S.A.U Spain C1.12
    162 SGS Kenya Ltd. Kenya F3.04
    163 Sian Roses Kenya C3.05
    164 Skanem Interlabels Nairobi Ltd. Kenya F3.05
    165 Sofias (Kemak Blooms) Kenya G2.19
    166 Stem Logistics Kenya G1.30
    167 Stokman Rozen Kenya Ltd. Kenya C1.05
    168 Subati Flowers Kenya D5.08
    169 Sunland Roses Kenya B4.19
    170 The Flower Hub Kenya G2.29
    171 Thermofin GmbH Germany F3.17
    172 Tripple F. Agencies Kenya G2.28
    173 Tuflex India D3.18
    174 Tulaga (Tegmak Blooms) Kenya G4.11
    175 Turkish Cargo Turkey E1.16
    176 Twiga Chemicals Kenya F3.12
    177 UFO Supplies B.V. Holland B3.21
    178 Ugarose Flowers Ltd. Uganda F2.14
    179 Uhuru Flowers Kena D5.23
    180 Ultra EXIM Ltd. Kenya G4.22
    181 Uniflora Market Kenya F1.14, F3.10
    182 United Selections Kenya B4.01
    183 Upendo Flowers Kenya B3.17
    184 Uralchem Russia C1.10
    185 Van Kleef Kenya Kenya B3.01
    186 Vatan Plastik San. Tic. As. Turkey E2.06
    187 Vermako BVBA – Mereg N.V. Belgium B4.21
    188 WAC International Kenya D1.21
    189 Weber Cooling Holland D4.21
    190 Wilfay Flowers Kenya B1.22
    191 Zena Roses Limited Kenya B5.01
    192 ZNS Group Kenya C3.10



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