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IFTF and Royal FloraHolland expo review 2017

IFTF and Royal FloraHolland expo review 2017

Crossing the ocean in a big shinny aluminum tube brings more change than one would imagine. First of all you pay more attention to the safety briefing, specifically that part regarding a sudden landing in the water. Then you arrive to an airport like Schiphol in Amsterdam and you know you are in a familiar but new land. Many languages and many new sights and sounds.

I absolutely love the architecture around Holland new and old alike. Artistic value is included in the building code and makes for some very interesting structures.

This attention to detail was evident in the exhibitions I recently attended in Amsterdam. The IFTF show organized by HPP held in Vijfhuizen and the Royal FloraHolland Trade Fair, held at the auction in Aalsmeer. 

The IFTF show features International Growers, Breeders, Floral Traders, Logistics Companies, and others, while the FloraHolland show is focused on it’s grower members, breeders and more.

My favorite is the IFTF show as it is more about the International cut flower business, which I know best. I have attended this show for many years and it keeps getting bigger and better. Growers from all over the world were present with displays that ranged from simple to over the top, “WOW“. 

Green  was the color of the year at both events and invite you to review my youtube video review of the shows (below) where I have taken lots of photos of green things and much more.




















 I also encourage you to look at the attention to detail in the exhibits (use your pause button). The Dutch are far ahead of most American companies when it comes to the marketing and presentation. The Dutch have been dealing with many competitors growing the same products for a long time and know that they must differentiate themselves constantly. There is a ton of evidence to be seen in my pictures.

The breeders booths were some of the best with flowers flowing like water and colors galore. New, better, bigger, smaller or sexier were some of the buzz words to be seen on signage.

The Africans were there in full force as expected since they have made serious inroads into the European markets and beyond. The US and Asia are also on their radar. Colombian and Ecuadorean growers there in full force as well. Always good to see fellow exhibition troopers.

With that said, CHINA was the biggest word of the shows. The Chinese have a love for flowers and money so the worlds floral producers seek to satisfy their craving.  Doing business there requires a translator to navigate one of the most challenging languages in the world.  The Russians are buying again and in general the business appears very healthy. 

The Royal FloraHolland Trade Fair at the Auction is a bigger show since it has potted plant growers exhibiting as well. It surely is a show worth attending if  you are in town as both shows are held at the same time in the same area. As well both shows are trade fairs where, not only are their beautiful display but, there are orders are being taken and business conducted.

Both show were jammed with people walking and talking and drinking coffee and taking in all of the various events, design shows and seminars.

From a product standpoint I can say that when one thinks of South America “Roses” come to mind and here in Amsterdam the Phalaenopsis orchid is king.  There were more exhibits of those beautiful bloomers than ever and more than any other single product being shown. Mostly potted but also cuts. 

I strongly suggest that if you are in the flower business and have not been to Amsterdam to see how “they” do floral then I respectfully say, you are missing the bloom. These shows are the perfect time to see all there is to see over 3 days and all in a wonderful destination as well. 

Thanks for reading and enjoy the video please.

Williee Armellini
Editor: Flowersandcents.com




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    Spectacular. It is refreshing to step out from the grind of the business and step into it’s glory.

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