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Industry Vets Forming ‘Flower Handling Association Of North America’

A group of concerned floral industry veterans announced today the forming of a new trade association, the Flower Handling Association of North America (FHANA) according to FHANA Organizing Committee Chairman and spokesperson Terry Johnson.

“Our mission will be to develop, implement and monitor flower handling standards designed to improve consumer satisfaction with their flower purchases,” explained Johnson.

FHANA’s Organizing Committee evaluated decades of research emphasizing how improper flower handling has hurt the floral industry, and recognized that very little has been done to improve flower vase life even in light of this huge body of compelling evidence. The latest study, done by the American Floral Endowment (AFE), surveyed consumers on their likelihood to purchase flowers in the following 12 months. The results showed that 8 out of 10 consumers did not plan on purchasing flowers and the number one reason given for not purchasing was flowers didn’t last long enough.

“No company can be successful marketing or promoting how great flowers are if they aren’t always great with consumers,” said Johnson. “We believe that regardless of where flowers are grown, they should be properly handled from farms to North American markets. Once proper flower handling is performed consistently we should see a significant increase in consumer flower sales,” Johnson predicted.

The group expects to have the trade association fully formed within 3 months.

Source: Flower Handling Association Of North America Organizing Committee

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    How did I know that our former poster was behind this. Terry Johnson has been preaching this message for many years and now he has some support. Good luck we are hopeful that you can make a difference.

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