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Ingueza Roses of Ecuador closes!

Dear Clients,

We’d like to start by wishing to each and every one of you a happy new year filled with happiness, peace, success and new professional challenges.

That being said, we, INGÜEZA ROSES, after 16 and a half years of working fervently to produce and fulfill our clients highest quality product demands, sadly find ourselves in the necessity to inform to all of you about a tough but required measure we had to take due to the continuous ups and downs of a changeable and unpredictable international flower market we’ve gone through the last year,  which unfortunately made not possible to keep the operation of our farm going any further, leading to the hard decision of its definitive closure.

We sincerely would like to thank to all of you for your professionalism and for believing and supporting us during all the time we’ve had the pleasure of working together, and at the same time based on the seriousness you’ve been always characterized for, we’d like to ask you for your prompt help regarding any pending payment you still may have to cancel with us so we can pay off all our legal obligations to all our employees and business collaborators that all together are the total of 180 families depending on your payments.

Finally and once again, all our gratitude and best wishes to you all of a successful personal and professional future.


Kindest Regards,



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    This is a sign of the times for growers. This is farms has been around and will not be the last to go.

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