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Innovaplant from Costa Rica gets MPS certification

Innovaplant from Costa Rica gets MPS certification


Press release

Westland, The Netherlands, February 6 2017


Innovaplant values MPS certificates

Highest score, MPS-A+ and obtaining MPS-GAP

 Innovaplant from Costa Rica is aware of the importance in regard to the quality of their products. To fulfil their environmental responsibility, the company registers in the MPS-ABC registration system. They achieve the (highest) A+ rating with the correct management of their energy, water, fertilizers and crop protection agents. Additionally, they have recently achieved the MPS-GAP certification. This certificate focuses on good agricultural practices. These two MPS certificates lead to a company that generates less environmental impact.


Innovaplant was established in 1994 with an area of 2.5 hectares and an approximate production of 4 million cuttings. This year its area is over 10 hectares of greenhouses, of which there are 6.5 hectares of production in greenhouses with anti-virus netting. Its production for this year is about 120 million cuttings, produced in greenhouses and 3 million cuttings, produced in laboratory (tissue culture stage 3 plantlets).

The highest demand for its products is concentrated in the months from December to March, registering its maximum production in the months of January and February.

The cuttings that Innovaplant of Costa Rica S.A. produces are directed to the international market, mostly to the United States, Canada and Europe.

Tissue laboratory

The company has a tissue culture laboratory, created in 1998, with the aim of producing plants of excellent quality and with genetic integrity requirements. The laboratory has modern equipment of high quality that guarantees accuracy and precision in the preparation of the culture media for the growth of tissue culture plantlets.

Perfect registration tool

Arthij van der Veer is the responsible coordinator on behalf of MPS during the certification process: “MPS has been working with growers in North America since 2008 on further developing their sustainability efforts and give them insight (based on the MPS-ABC sustainability benchmark certificate) on their performance. MPS-ABC is the perfect registration tool to keep track on consumption of crop protection agents & fertilizers. You prove that you are in compliance with market requirements using the quarterly reporting tool as management instrument.”

Attached picture

Official presentation of MPS-GAP certificate to

Innovaplant de Costa Rica S.A. on the IPM show in Germany. Innovaplant was represented by Andreas Kientzler from Kientzler Jungplanzen.


More information

MPS – Head office, the Netherlands, Arjan van der Meer, media relations & communication T. +31 174-615 724


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