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Interflora deluged with complaints over Mother’s Day flower deliveries

Interflora has been forced to issue more than 100 apologies online after customers took to social networking sites to complain about poor service on Mother’s Day.


Bouquets ordered from the flower delivery firm were said to have been dumped on doorsteps, arrived infested with bugs, or simply not to have appeared at all.

Among those left angered by the service was Lyndsey White, 36, who said the firm failed to deliver a £60 basket of flowers to her mother Jil, 65.

Miss White, who lives in America, wanted the order delivered directly to her parents’ home in Healing, Lincolnshire but it never arrived, leaving her mother in tears.

She said: “I got an e-mail saying they had been delivered, so I rang mum to see if she had liked them and it turned out they hadn’t arrived. I rang Interflora and they said they would be with us in the next hour but they didn’t arrive at all.”

Miss White, who works in marketing, was only infuriated further by the response she received from the company’s customer service team.

She said: “I wanted to make my mum feel special. It would have been lovely if it had actualy arrived. But when I rang them, they just kept saying it was a very small percentage of their orders that had a problem. What sort of excuse is that? That may be the case but even if it is just 300 people on Mother’s Day that is far too many.”

Other angry customers yesterday regaled online forums with complaints ranging from delivery problems to the quality of the flowers.

Margaret de Havilland-Hall took issue on the company’s Facebook page about the difference between the flowers shown on the website and those actually delivered to her mother.

She wrote: “There are no flowers at all, the bowl is tiny and had fallen over so the plants were squashed.”

A message from Interflora on the website said: “Hi Maggie, please accept our sincere apologies. Someone from our Customer Care team will look into this for you.”

There was no statement from Interflora last night despite repeated attempts to contact them, according to the Mail.


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    European Mothers Day is March 30 so I am going to guess we did not vet this article properly. I now assume that this was from last year. Good catch Gunner

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    Mother’s Day?

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    Could this be another example of bigger is not better? Interflora is an FTD company and it seems that the US is not the only place they have some customer issues over poor quality and service.

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