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World Floral Expo 2017 Las Vegas review.

World Floral Expo 2017 Las Vegas review.

World Floral Expo 2017 Las Vegas review.

Let’s get right to the point. Las Vegas is one wild city so why not have a convention there? Everything thing is larger than life and curious tourist are more than eager to play their part in the charade.

The moment you step off the plane your wallet begins to tremble as you are greeted by rows of “one armed bandits” slot machines calling to you as you stroll by looking for a rest room.

In the downtown area the buildings are so interconnected it is hard to tell where one begins or ends and there are lights are everywhere.  Flashing, dancing, climbing, talking lights poke at you from every angle 24/7.

People connected to slot machines which appear to be slowly draining them till they crush out their last cigarette and move on.  This place is people watching at its best and at times its worse but us humans are a curious species, so on to the show.

What a great backdrop for a floral show where a fun group of serious floral exhibitors and clients could meet and mingle. From the very conception of this show in Vegas there was a serious concern amongst the organizers and exhibitors about the ability to attract and keep buyers in the building. It turns out this was not a problem as the halls were busy for the first two days.

My informal poll gave the show a B+ grade and I think that was good considering the first year in Vegas.

The Pavilion hall was a huge tent that resembled a greenhouse and therefore very appropriate for the occasion.

This was a grower show with exhibitors from Colombia, Ecuador, California, Alaska, Holland and even India.  Who knew they were growing export roses in India?

There was a large retail presence in the building participating in a hands-on floral workshop which I think was a good idea. While most vendors would not sell directly to them, it is important that they meet growers to better understand the complexities of growing and for future trends.

Speaking of trends, J Schwanke presented his trends at special event during the show and as always the room was overflowing. Here are a few quotes but for more about trends check out

“ We have the Luxury… To NOT Set Trends… with Flowers and Foliage- rather we React to NEW Trends with our Glorious Product… this process makes flower arranging…  Versatile and Valuable!”

 “I’m not a Flower Racist… I love Flowers and Foliage from ANYWHERE and EVERYWHERE”…

A smoking hot topic at this show was Cannabis! That’s right the wacky weed was worthy of more than a few conversations. I have to say, as one who admits to having inhaled, that having a serious discussion with fellow business folks about this once taboo subject is simply odd. former California flower growers have switched to this lucrative crop and more are expected to follow. At least for now the yield per acre vs. flowers is too good to ignore. There will be more discussion on this at the next Fun-n- Sun event this August.

One of the ideas that I saw at this show that I found different were the glow in the dark flowers presented by

The flowers are treated with a florescent solution that charges with light and then emits light when viewed in the dark. This is clever even if the application seems limited to surprise parties or bedroom ambiance. According to Isabel Maria Davalos of GlowGardens said the flowers do not suffer any loss of vase life due to the treatment.

Finally, based on what I heard from growers the weather in South America has not been at all favorable for the Mothers Day crop so this would be a good time to pre-book some! (The weather has gotten even worse since the show)

China is the next hot market for high-end roses.

Still loving these new Scoops branded Sabiosa flowers.

HPP has wisely decided to host the show in Las Vegas on March 7-9 2018 at the same location.

Finally please check out my video review:

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