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Just one Degree

Just one Degree

Have you ever noticed how much just one degree can make a huge difference? Degrees can be used to measure many things in life. For example my wife likes to keep the house temperature set at 76 degrees F and therefore it remains set at 76 until she leaves the house when I promptly set it up to 77. That one degree makes the house a comfortable place where I am not hiding from the vents or wearing more clothes than allowed in Florida. I am not sure why this one degree makes such a difference but I am sure my electric bill would be lower if I could win this temperature war.

Of course this same one degree is being discussed and debated at great length when we speak of climate change. Strange things begin to happen to the earth with even this small, barely noticeable change.
Then there are other degrees that hold much power within their many e’s
Think about a college degree where one degree can make a huge difference in shaping your future. BA, MBA, Doctorate? When I went to college getting the BA was the mission and when classmates spoke of getting the next degree and the next all I could think of was more years of study. In my case one degree was enough to get me this far.
Do you remember the “nth degree”? This is the most serious of the degrees where no degree is greater. Nth is defined as:

“Denoting an unspecified member of a series of numbers or enumerated items.”

It time to move on when you get to the nth degree and so we move on to. Degrees that help us navigate. “Two degrees starboard” yelled the Captain and the mighty ship moved ever so slightly. The carpenter uses his speed square to determine the proper degrees of angle to cut his board. The pilot is informed by the control tower to turn to a heading of 280 degrees and maintain 3,000 feet. Your new lawn mower is designed to turn 360 degrees in only 2 feet. The weatherman (lady) tells us what to expect over the next 24 hours in degrees.

To add a business application to this otherwise silly article may I suggest that in your business one degree of compassion, wisdom, understanding, or determination might also make a difference in your success?
The lovely wife will return soon and after greeting the dogs and me she will head right over to the thermostat return the setting to 76 and there it shall remain until I am in charge once again.

And just when you thought I might have run out of degrees don’t forget to put on your Degree deodorant.

And for the nth time. Remember to where your sunscreen and deodorant Miami is Hot!

Williee Armellini

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