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Low tech computer repair by Williee

Low tech computer repair.

Like almost everyone we have several computers in our home. In my case one for the wife, one for business and one old spare. It seems that all three decided they were tired and did not want to work properly any longer. Now I am not a computer technician, but I am handy and not afraid so I wondered what was going on with all three.

The Two older ones kept shutting off for no apparent reason, and the fans in my newer and more expensive work computer were working overtime and never shutting off. I suspected they were all struggling to get proper power, so what to do?

I was about to begin shopping for new ones since these are between 5-10 years old and obviously there has been a lot of improved technology and hardware introduced over that amount of time. The older two are running Windows XP and mine Window 7 so now that Windows 10 is out upgrading seemed the logical thing to do.

But wait these machines capabilities are fine for surfing the web and doing basic computer work so there must be a better solutions than spending a ton of cash on new machines.

Ok here was my solution: I disconnected all of the many wires and took the oldest machine into my workshop where I opened it up.(removed the side door) They are not as scary inside as one might imagine, just of bunch separate components wired together by connectors. But you need not touch any of them.

If you have an air compressor, (doesn’t everyone?) fire it up. If you do not have one, go to an office/computer store and buy a can or two of compressed air.

Now stand back, cover your nose and blow all of the dust out of the inside of your computer. You will be amazed at the amount of dust and other unidentifiable things that will fly out of there. Keep blowing over all the components and fans until nothing is coming out. Replace the door and return your machine to its proper place, plug all the wires back in (the proper holes) and fire it up.

Assuming your computer was acting like mine, fans running constantly, or shutting off unexpectedly then I suggest this will cure most of these problems. I did end up needing a new power supply in one computer which I replaced. But this simple blowing action fixed the other two and they now behave as designed and all it cost me was air and time.

Basically, the dust that gets into your computer begins to build up on the electrical contacts and they start generating heat. This in turn makes your computer have to work harder and harder to keep cool and thus fans are running or it gets too hot and shuts down.

Since most computers, like yours and mine, are sitting on the floor under a desk where they are bathing in dust 24/7 and the fans meant to cool the machine are sucking it all in. This solution will not cure bad software or faulty devises but it is likely to solve these temperature related issues. If this works, send me a thank you. If not call a real Geek.

Stay cool Miami is hot! Good luck!

Williee Armellini
Editor Flowersandcents.com

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