Memorial Day Flowers


The Memorial Day Flowers Foundation reminds us we live in a time when war has become a three-minute segment on the evening news. Each day men and women venture out directly into harm’s way. At home, their friends and families are distressed thinking of their safety and waiting for the day that their loved ones will walk through the door and return home.

Flowers play many roles in everyday life: they express comfort during loss; they say “I’m thinking of you”; they provide the final polish to a memorable event; they are an extension of people’s emotions. We cannot think of a more significant role for flowers to play then the one that unfolds every Memorial Day. The Memorial Day Flowers Foundation, and its network of donors, including WF&FSA, will show that we have not forgotten what our nation asks of some very special Americans.

WF&FSA is proud to once again partner with Memorial Day Flowers for 2016. Fifteen thousand roses will be placed on headstones at Arlington National Cemetery on Memorial Day, Monday, May 30, 2016 in WF&FSA’s name. Additionally, WF&FSA is offering Memorial Day Flowers “Kits” to wholesale florist members to join with their retailers to honor those who have served. I had the honor and pleasure to work at Arlington Cemetery during the 2015 event – it was moving, memorable and one of the best ways to spend my time – honoring those that have served all of us so well. I will definitely be on hand again in 2016 to lend my support to such a well-planned and meaningful event.

Wholesalers are invited to join this effort by working with a retail florist in their area. Sponsoring wholesalers procure, deliver and handle the freight and delivery costs for 250 roses which they give to their selected retailer to place roses on headstones at a local cemetery or to pass out at the local Memorial Day parade. Wholesalers may order their kits – just click here. For a small investment of time and money, you can honor those who served by helping your retailer share a floral expression of appreciation this Memorial Day.

We hope you join us in sharing an expression of flowers to honor our heroes.

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