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Mexican Valentine’s Day sales were expected to reach record high

MEXICO: To respond to the flower demand on Valentine’s Day, Mexican growers scheduled a surface bigger than 628 hectares, that they estimated would generate an economic benefit higher than 278 millions pesos.

Eduardo Gasca Pliego, secretary of agricultural development, indicated that these figures represent one of the strongest of Mexican floriculture, since approximately 10% of the state floriculture area was programmed for cut and commercialization of the species with a higher demand for roses, lilies, gerberas and tulips.

He emphasized that the prevailing climatic conditions of the recent months, allowed the floriculture industry to bloom without problems. For Valentine’s Day 2014, a more diverse and premium quality offer was expected.

Eduardo Gasca explained that to calculate how many flowers would be sold for this celebration, marketing experts assesed the county’s flower regions to get a better idea about production areas, harvested stems and average prices.

He was accurate about the rose, the principal flower for this date: 201 hectares with a programmed production of 35.4 millions stems, commercialized in packs of 25 stems each, with an average price of 80 pesos for the grower. This represents a value higher than 113 million pesos.

Regarding to lilies, he indicated that the scheduled surface was 38.2 hectares, where 11.4 million stems would be harvested. The expected average lilly price was 100 pesos. Each pack contained 10 stems, which in total represented a value of 114.7 million pesos. As for the colorful gerbera, it was considered a surface of 65.8 hectares, with an expected harvest of 5.6 million stems. Gerberas were be offered with an average price of 260 pesos each with each box containing 72 stems. Total value: 20.5 million pesos.

It was also explained that tulip gains popularity among consumers. Expected production area: 1.5 hectares and a harvest with 660 mil stems. Tulips yelded an avarage price of 155 pesos, marketed in bunches of 10 stems. Total value: 10.2 million pesos.

In terms of filler flowers and foliage, the expected surface was 321 hectares with an estimated production close to 272 million stems, each of them with a price of 70 pesos, what represented a value of 19.1 million pesos.


Source : FloraCulture

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