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Mothers Day 2016

Mothers Day 2016

I have not written much about this holiday because there is much less drama surrounding Mothers Day vs. Valentines Day. There are many reasons but the main reason is that the holiday is not solely focused on Roses. More flower types and colors are demanded by consumers and thus used by florist on MD and while it is technically only one day the emphasis is not totally focused on that Sunday.

The holiday is spread out for the entire week allowing more time to source and sell products. Mothers Day for obvious reasons is dedicated to Moms and family and since Mom and family are not always in the same place there is travel involved. This often results in more time together and therefore more reasons to decorate the house with flowers.

Regarding the business of the Holiday, from all accounts that I heard it was a good holiday with carnations selling for near record highs and many products in high demand even roses.

There are many ways to evaluate a holiday’s success. My Grower and Importer friends will be looking at sales and reviewing import statistics, Wholesalers will compare sales to last year and retailers will be watching how many flower s are left at the local mass market on Monday. But my favorite to way measure is to sit outside a grocery store on Sunday and watch the number of flowers in the carts of shoppers leaving the store.

I did this on Sunday as I dropped of my Mother to buy some last minute items. I sat in my car and watched who came out with flowers or a plant. One man came out followed by his three sons holding an arrangement like it was a trophy. He had gone to the store just for these flowers… most impressive.

Others came out holding consumer bunches and I could see smiles on their faces as they glanced into their latest purchase of goodness and this is what we are in this business for. Happy consumers!

I suppose I could sit outside of a florist shop but of course I would expect to see everyone walking out with flowers and that is great but I especially like to see consumer buying flowers at stores where they have lots of other options. This really supports the value of flowers that can “WOW” themselves into the carts of consumers that were perhaps only looking for extra butter. This is the power of flowers at work.

People love flowers and it is the job of the florist and others who are selling the emotions of flowers to put love into their work.
I will not get into the florist vs. the chains store debate as we has discussed that many times but shout loudly that we are selling more than flowers and I really don’t care where consumers buy them as long as they keep buying and feel that they are receiving value for their money.

William “Williee” Armellini

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