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Need extra man/women power?

Need extra man/women power?


When a company has “New” as a part of its name two things come to mind: One, It must be a new business and two, it must have something new to say (If not, than new will get old, really quick).

In this case, both are true. NewVine, better known as, NewVine Employment Group; is an employment agency that recently opened up here in the Miami area, and has done something new for Miami floral importers, distributors, and handlers alike.

Of course, employment agencies are not new; and here in Miami, the floral industry has long-since used them to supplement holiday labor needs.  This is where the story begins.

NewVine is the brainchild of Jared Black, one of the Blacks of Jet Fresh Flowers’ fame.

While working for his father at Jet Fresh, Jared usually jumped back and forth, from the sales office, to production room, where he worked to manage his accounts, as well as oversee the production department.  Seemingly simple enough, but problems would often occur when, surprise-surprise… the temps sent by the agencies: wouldn’t show, or would disappear mid-day, or just flat out not want to work.

I, myself have been in the same situation and you have not lived, until you try to manage fifty, tired and hungry temporary laborers; who may or may not, all speak the same language.  As many of you reading this can relate to; working in the floral coolers for more than a few minutes is not fun. Loading cold trucks, full of cold boxes, from even colder coolers, isn’t very fun either.  But it is work!  And people will show up to earn the money.  So having the right people can truly be invaluable.

Needless to say, Jared had trouble finding a company that could meet his needs… So seeing an opportunity, in the industry he grew up in, he decided to start one.  NewVine being born from the floral industry, knows what it takes to work in perishables, and the type of labor that is required.  And talking to Jared, he has made it clear that, it is NewVine’s mission to do it right.

I observed some of the action that goes on at NewVine Employment Group, and some of things I found exceptional were:
They screened their applicants very well.  Each employee was made well aware of, what type of work they were expected to do, the environment they would be working in and the skills needed to complete the work.

They solve one of the biggest problems with temps; that is getting them to the job, as many do not have transportation.  NewVine helps them manage this, by offering certain temps a ride to the worksite in the area, or pairing them up with a another co-worker so they can carpool together.

Another big issue is, trying to identify those temp employees amongst the regular employees.  NewVine solves this by providing each one of their employees with, a bright yellow safety vest, that reads: NewVine printed on them, a picture ID card to wear around their neck, and my favorite… a bright yellow warm cooler hat.

That means, that many of the problems related to hiring temps, have been resolved before any work has even begun.  If you need temp labor or just need to fill a position give Jared a call and I think you will be happy!

Williee Armellini

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