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New Zealand 2013 rose imports up 50%

There were over 3.2 Million stems of roses imported into New Zealand in 2013. This was up from the 2.1 Million stems imported in 2012, or an increase of 50%. And there’s no sign of the trend abating. The vast majority are coming in from India with Colombian roses small by comparison.

January’s importation data shows an unusual spike with over 123,000 stems coming into New Zealand compared with the last two year’s January figures of around 9,000 stems (See January data)

Peaks shown are February (Valentines Day) May (Mothers Day) and June through August being peak season in India, however the January information indicates little respite from imported roses is likely even in periods not normally associated with importation.

Indian rose stem prices have stayed fairly consistant at an annual average of 29c incl Freight and insurance in 2012 versus 30c for 2013. The January importation was however at a price per stem of just 20c, significantly lower than the 26c and 23c respectively in January 2012 and 2013

Other cut flower imports are shown in the chart below comparing 2012 and 2013 only where we have data.It shows roses are the key imported flower dwarfing the next most commonly imported Lilies, and Chrysanthemums. Imported roses are believed to represent some 50% of all available roses for sale in New Zealand in key promotion periods such as Valentines Day and significantly impacting local growers.

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