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Proflora 2015 is heating up. will be covering this great show and, as always, will bring you as close as possible without being there. But I would encourage any floral person to attend, as this is really the perfect show for floral. Hope to see you there and if not stay tuned here.

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    1st Proflora America’s Cup
    Asocolflores (Association of Colombian Flower Exporters) and Florint (International Florists’ Association), with over 100,000 European members, will host along with the Floral Art Iberamerican School, EIAF, the 1st Proflora America’s Cup, during the top fresh-cut flower show in the Americas, Proflora 2015, to be held at Corferias in Bogotá from 28 to 30 October 2015.

    This 1st Proflora Cup will boast the presence of 4 floral-design greats: Eduard Maynegra – the current Spanish champion, will demonstrate today’s trends in wedding bouquet design; his compatriot, Dani Santamaría will be showing large-structure floral design; and Adolfo Cojulun and Marilú Urquiza, from Guatemala and Mexico, will unveil the very latest trends in event floristry.

    Proflora’s 2015 maiden America’s Cup will feature 10 Latin American florists working up 5 themes to depict the rich floral cultural heritage of Colombia, dubbed ‘The Land of Flowers’. The cup will showcase the prominent diversity of flowers grown in Colombia (over 1,000 varieties), and will set the stage for astonishing floral arrangements fashioned at the hands of top florist professionals. The event is also aimed at shining a spotlight on the florist profession at large, which of course, lends significant added value for overall floral decoration.

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