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The Queen’s Ring

A flower processing & packing employee of Queen’s (Rio Frio) since just last November – Alexandra was excited to complete her first Valentine’s Day in the floral world. The hustle and bustle of the Queen’s Benchmark buildings was at an all-time high…employees, boxes, and flowers as far as the eye could see.

Alexandra, like any hardworking floral professional, was in the zone. Process. Pack. Process. Pack. The long hours of the Valentine’s Day season left next to no room for thoughts other than flowers.

The day had finally come – another successful Valentine’s Day season was complete and it was time to celebrate. Employees gathered to congratulate one another on a job well done. Discussions of what a great success had come was taking place when the question was asked “did anyone lose anything during the busy holiday?”

People racked their brains, but nothing was mentioned. The celebration carried on. Moments later Alexandra stopped in her tracks and gasped.


Without realizing, Alexandra had accidentally lost the ring her husband had given her as a Christmas gift just 2 months earlier. She was stunned. Sadness overcame her as she began to realize she would never see her ring that held so much value.

The value was not monetary. It was not dear to her heart because of the price or lavish look. It was so valuable because of the true sentiment that it held.

Alexandra saw the ring while her and her husband, Ricardo, were shopping in the village of Chia. When Ricardo noticed the joy on Alexandra’s face while admiring the ring for its’ unique beauty – a two piece set made of a heart that fits together – he decided to purchase it as a surprise Christmas gift.

The precise description was given to Alexandra’s coworkers, but after hours and hours of searching at work and at home – hope of seeing the ring was given up by all.

It was Tuesday, February 11th and DVFlora customer Lindsey Gubin (Montville Florist) was busy opening her freshly delivered items when something in her box from Queen’s caught her eye…the ring.


Lindsey thought the ring looked not only expensive, but mostly likely meaningful to the person who lost it, so she decided to contact her DV sales person (Dennis Goldenberg) to let him know of the amazing discovery.

Word of the find quickly spread not only through the DV building in little old Sewell, NJ, but all the way down the grapevine to Colombia as well. Arrangements were made to get the ring back to Alexandra as quickly as possible. image

“When they told me they found the ring in the United States, I felt great joy!” Alexandra explained. “When the ring reappeared my coworkers teased me, they said that I had become famous in the USA!”

Just a few short weeks later, the ring made it’s way from Boonton, NJ to Colombia, S. America (with the help of several people who were more than happy to help) and was presented to Alexandra when she arrived for her work day.



On March 10th, the Benchmark team met with the packing team to speak about the honesty, values and tenacity of those involved to reunite the ring with its owner. When they gave the ring to Alexandra, she was very excited and happy to have been reunited with the ring that holds such sentimental value to her.

“I am very grateful for the person who found it and for all of you taking the time to find me! It is something that I never imagined could have happened!”


She was thrilled.

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