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Really Bad Weather

The weather in the south is just crazy and we know there must be floral related damage at this very important time of year. Tupelo was hit hard  but I am told that Greenleaf wholesale is safe although the same can not be said for some of their customers. Stay safe and if anyone has more detailed info please share.




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    We were very fortunate Monday. We are normally open until 4, but the sky was looking really bad so I decided to shut down at 2:30.

    As soon as we got in the van headed west out of town towards home 30 miles away the sirens started blowing and the craziest wind I can remember driving in, with the sky black as night.

    At 2:40 the tornado touched down a bit south and east of us, really destroying neighborhoods along Jackson, the next East/West street to the south of us. It proceeded NE and crossed into what I would call the main hotel/restaurant corridor of town. Lots and lots of damage.

    I just brought my Memphis group down to Tupelo to play at this great restaurant and club on Thursday the 24th. Sadly, that will probably be my last gig at this 30+ year old institution:

    Fortunately, none of Tupelo’s florists were damaged. Our NW Alabama driver was stuck outside of Tupelo for almost 3 hours when they closed Hwy 78 (as was the Armellini truck that night), and our driver coming in from the south was turned away at every exit on Hwy 45 before she gave up and drove south to her home in the van.

    Miracle only one was killed. Could have been so much worse. Our coolers never even lost power, but parts of town still don’t have any. The community is coming together and I hope these places will come back stronger than ever!

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    Imagine living through one of these storms! Sorry for the people and animals who were killed or injured. I know they are expensive but for sure I would have a “FEMA approved safe room” in my home or office in tornado areas.

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