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When is the right time?

When is the right time?

Time is a concept that humans made up so we know when it is time to drink coffee or go to sleep. We are driven by it, often controlled by it and for sure always under its influence. We have watches and cell phones that are super accurate so we don’t waste a minute of time, that we seem to have so little of.

I have written before about how time seems to be going faster now that I am over 60.  After you spend a life time working, getting up each day and going off to where ever it is you spend your time to earn the funds that you need, one starts to evaluate the purpose of this routine.

One day you will be faced with the same decision. Retire or keep pushing?

I have often thought about the word “retire”. If we break down the word what do we get? A tire that gets re-used? A still good tire that gets retired to the trunk as a spare?

The reality is that we all don’t get the chance to make this decision on our own. Sometimes you are forced to retire. The company you work for might have an employee expiration date and when you hit that date you’re out. You might need to retire for medical reasons. You might just say enough is enough and walk in today and proclaim; “I am outta here!”

For most of us however, the decision is purely financial. Can you afford to retire or not? If you have been lucky and planned well and can afford this strange concept of not working the daily grind, then what are you waiting for?

But hang on a minute, maybe you love to go to work, maybe the only thing keeping you happy is your job. Maybe you are scared to stop and find out what life has in store for you next. I imagine, like me, you are having this discussion or have friends or relatives in various stages of this life process.

Looking deeper I suspect many are unwilling to take this plunge into the unknown because they have no hobbies to take them from here to there.

Very early on in life we learn that you must go to school and then to work in hopes of a prosperous future. You can’t wait for school to be over until you get to work and realize school was not so bad after all. We dive in and work for many years not sure what the end goal is but we keep pushing. Somewhere in the back of our minds we know that there will be time to be granddad or play golf or play music or just do nothing.

I am not sure how anyone else will manage this but for now I will continue to write and publish with my many hobbies ready to take me wherever I want to go.


Williee Armellini
Editor CEO Flowersandcents.com




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