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Rob Zurel in the news

It seems that Rob Zurel former head of the infamous floral company and family dynasty that bears his name Zurel, has written a bio. For those of you new to the industry Zurel was a huge Dutch company that was at one time the most famous floral company in Europe. The Zurel Company and owner Rob were anything but normal, sporting trucks that had the company name and logo “Zurel” written in Gold Leaf. As well the walls of the packing area in Aalsmeer were covered in expensive paintings that seemed out of place. Zurel produced very provocative and imaginative brochures, one which I still have, and he spared no expense to produce them. If one looks at the floral business today the Zurel company was a spawning ground for many of the companies that exist to this day.

I always wondered how this all was possible when most companies were pinching pennies to survive. I guess I will have to read the book when I get my hands on one. Rumor has it that there are a number of copies on a boat headed this way. Should be interesting reading.

Henri van der Borg is managing the book distribution and if you want a copy please contact him

I am taking orders for one large shipment into Miami, to be shipped to you individually by USPS.
The book cost Euro 69.00 plus shipping cost, which will be determinated upon receipt of orders.

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