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Rosaprima Honored with EKOS DE ORO 2015 Award, 6th Consecutive Year Win

Rosaprima Honored with EKOS DE ORO 2015 Award, 6th Consecutive Year Win
Ekos Magazine, the renowned business portal for Ecuadorian based enterprises for the past 21 years, presented its grandest accolade, the Ekos de Oro award, at the 12th annual Ekos de Oro Award Ceremony held on November 19th, 2015 in Quito, Ecuador.
The Ekos de Oro award recognizes Ecuadorian companies that demonstrate the highest excellence in operational efficiency, financial performance, and business leadership in an array of industries. Through continuous innovation, entrepreneurial prowess, and strategic competitive advantages, these leaders generate wealth by utilizing human and physical capital for optimal productivity. With this, costs can remain low, profits high, and brand retention strong via a dedicated customer base. Among all of the candidates under consideration, Rosaprima International LLC was honored with the Ekos de Oro award for the Floriculture Sector of Ecuador, a sixth consecutive year win for the company.

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Ekos bases this award on scrupulous financial indicators, all under precise regulation by Deloitte. Through a rigorous audit of the information provided by the Ecuadorian Internal Revenue Service for fiscal year 2014, Rosaprima was announced as the most efficient firm in Ecuador’s Floriculture Industry for the period under review.

Special recognition for the award will be published in the December 2015 edition of Ekos Magazine, as well as in Ecuador’s Abordo Magazine.

Rosaprima merits this consecutive year win both to its dedicated community of over 1,200 employees worldwide, as well as to its loyal clientele whose unyielding support enables the company to grow to extraordinary heights year after year.


Many congratulations again to the Rosaprima team for this exceptional honor, and to all those who make this company a spectacular global success.

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