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Rosaprima’s Award-Winning Exclusive, The Black Pearl Rose

 The Black Pearl

A Rosaprima World Exclusive

 Grown exclusively by Rosaprima for the most demanding and creative clientele, The Black Pearl rose defines luxury and elegance at its finest. Characterized by plush, velvety petals, deep merlot hues, and an impressive longevity, the beautiful complexity of this rose is awe-inspiring.

It took almost a decade for the Rosaprima team, alongside rose breeder NIRP International, to develop this unique rose. In 2012, recognizing the potential for The Black Pearl’s elusive shape and color, Rosaprima acquired the worldwide growing and exclusive distribution rights for the variety.

This year, The Black Pearl is recognized internationally for two prestigious awards:

  1. Agriflor 2016 Exhibition, Gold Award Winner
  2. SAF 2016 Outstanding Varieties Competition, Best in Class Winner

 About Rosaprima

 Rosaprima is an independent company with a unique passion for roses and a firm belief that we are doing extraordinary work. Since our founding in 1995, our values have remained the same: unequaled craftsmanship, sound business practices, and a belief that roses have an important place in life’s most precious moments.


 For additional information on The Black Pearl, Rosaprima, and more, please visit us at, or contact us at

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