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Ryan Black for Floral Marketer of the Year.

Ryan Black of Jet Fresh Flowers has been nominated for the prestigious Floral Marketer of the Year, award so lets help him get there.  The award is judged by a panel of industry folks so he does not need our vote just quotes for why he should win.

I for one can attest to Ryan’s ability to create interesting, fun, effective, creative, over the top ads. Anyone that follows this site has seen the many variations of the Jet Fresh Flowers ads that run here.  Ryan creates all of those and more. As someone who does marketing and attempts to create ads I bow down to his Marketing and computer skills.

I often have other advertisers ask me if I can create ads like Jet Fresh and I have to say no. While I am getting better at it he is light years ahead of me. With that said he did study this in college and when I was in college we were still using pen and paper.

If you like the Jet Fresh ads please comment.

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